El Blog del museo Picasso de Barcelona

How can we improve the museum experience for people with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders?

At the beginning of 2018 Apropa Cultura  organised two day sessions for cultural associations such as the Picasso museum to participate in discussions about how to enrich a visit to the museum for those with learning disabilities or autistic spectrum disorders. The first session took place in the MACBA auditorium on the 29th of January, and the second at the Born Centre for culture and memory on the 19th of February. Apropa Cultura places great value upon the advances made in the past few years to promote accessibility to cultural spaces on a physical, sensorial and communicative level. However, these sessions ...

New York: museums and social inclusion

My first trip to New York, with a never-ending list of things to do: to visit the emblematic buildings, Central Park, the neighbourhoods of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Harlem, to taste a thousand different foods from all the countries of the world in just one city. And, of course, the museums, where you can find some of the most important collections in the world. (more…)

How do you measure emotion? Some conclusions on the Open All Areas Barcelona meeting

The project Open All Areas is a European program of exchange of knowledge between seven organisations that are working on the development of publics in culture.  The project aims to find ways of overcoming cultural exclusion and achieve access to culture for everyone.  Within the project different meetings are held to discuss and above all learn from others.  The entities linked to the project are Audiences Europe Network, Rotterdam Festivals, ECCOM, Danish Center for Arts&Interculture, Demos, Audiences Norway, Audiences Northern Ireland i ArticketBCN, and it has been possible to do so thanks to a Grundtvig subsidy from the European Union. ...