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Picasso on the Barcelona of the 60s

This past month of May, the roundtable about “Picasso in the Barcelona of the 60s” took place, bringing together expert historians, writers and architects to talk about the context of the birth of the museum within the framework of the exhibition that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the museum “The Museu Picasso, 50 years in Barcelona.The Origins”. Picasso Exhibition organized by the Fundació Joan March and the Museu Picasso. 05/12/1978. Photo: Eduard Olivella (more…)

Farewell to Pepe Serra: assessment of a phase

When our director Pepe Serra said goodbye to the team at the Museu Picasso he told us: ‘We have done ten years’ work in five years.’ What follows is a brief summary of some of the projects carried out during his time as director. · Research and development of exhibitions that contribute knowledge and added value. "Feasting on Paris. Picasso 1900-1907" (2011). Self-Portrait with Palette, Picasso, Paris, 1906 |  "Picasso Looks at Degas" (2010). (more…)

Love at First Sight: how we select the catalogue’s cover

Imagine you’re browsing among the art catalogues in a bookshop, without looking for anything in particular. The first thing that strikes you about all of the books there — from a distance, even before you can read the titles — is the colourful covers. Reproductions of famous paintings, intriguing details, familiar styles, indecipherable typefaces… you stroll over to a table next to the shelves and pick up a catalogue. Could you say just what it was that attracted you to it? What made you go for this one rather than some other? If the cover had been different, would have ...