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My father’s family and the construction of the city in the Reading Club

One of the most habitual ways of thinking about a work or about an author is to link them to their surroundings, something which often ends up being a reflection about the city in which these works were produced.  It’s not a triviality, modern art has shown itself to be inseparable from the fate of its cities, be it Paris, or New York, or….  But, what are we saying when we say city?  Are we merely referring to an organisation of spaces and areas? Or, rather, are we pointing towards a secret emotional mapping? To what extent is a city ...

The city of marvels of Picasso in the Reading Club

Almost without realising it, we have reached the third course of the Reading Club.  It seems like yesterday.  The most loyal ones, and some new incorporations, met up last Thursday (this year it will be the second Thursday of the month) to discuss The city of marvels by Eduardo Mendoza. The city of marvels. Eduardo Mendoza (more…)