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Inhabitants of the Museum: Benedetta Bianco, Mrs Canals

In a previous post, we already talked to you about the origin of Mrs. Canals, one of the most outstanding portraits of the collection of the Museu Picasso of Barcelona, which the artist from Malaga painted in the autumn of 1905 while he was living in Paris.  But, without putting to one side the relation with Picasso, on this occasion we want to delve in a little more into the figure of a woman who also appears in works of other artists of the period, and who would often become the heart and soul of parties.

Winning texts from the competition “Picasso in Words”

This past month of June we awarded the prizes to the winners of the competition of short stories "Picasso in Words" organised jointly with the Open University of Catalonia (OUC). Here we show you the winning stories: The Passeig de Colom The Passeig de Colom. Pablo Picasso. Barcelona, 1917. Oil on canvas. MPB 110.028 (more…)