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  • Museu Picasso: Muchas gracias por su consulta. Le informamos que la única entidad certificadora de la obra de Picasso...
  • Urbano Astuyauri: Estimado señores,deseo consultar sobre una obra; óleo sobre carton de 51x 39 cm. cuyo titulo es...
  • Raquel: Moltes gràcies pel teu interès, Andres, i tant de bo que algun dia puguem fer alguna cosa presencial, tot...
  • Andrés Morón: Molt i molt interessant!! gracies. Per quan una demostració presencial? ;-)
  • El Blog del Museu Picasso: Estimada Sally, hemos trasladado tu comentario a nuestro traductor, que nos indica:...




A post post – Big Draw

After a project that people have put a lot of hours, energies and hopes into it always takes a little time to put your emotions in place again and look back on the whole thing and evaluate it, and go on from there to plan future on the strength of all that has been learned.

In the case of Big Draw, all of us in the team have been going through this process. And at this very moment of immersion in the assessment, both positive and negative, and the planning of where to go in order to make the project grow — which we are now — we have just received a wonderful letter from Eileen Adams, Director of The Campaign for Drawing, the creators and organizers of this venture in London.
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