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The future which is already here: TrendsWatch Report 2016

About a year ago, we published a summary of the annual report produced by the Center for the Future of Museums: this month they have just published the corresponding report for 2016, the TrendsWatch 2016, and we are once again presenting a selection of quotes that we have wanted to highlight. (more…)

The future of museums: report TrendsWatch 2015

The American Alliance of Museums’ Center for the Future of Museums (CFM) has published their annual report TrendsWatch, the fourth they issue.  The CFM is a think tank and R & D lab for fostering creativity and helping museums transcend traditional boundaries to serve society in new ways.  The CFM helps museums explore the cultural, political and economic challenges facing society and devise strategies to shape a better tomorrow. (more…)

Teachers: we propose you come and get to know us

Last academic year we presented a new educational proposal for the students that visit us within the framework of the field trips programmed by schools and institutes, a proposal you can read about in this article in the blog and that, after this first course, we rate highly in terms of how it helps us to work on the relationship between the students and the works of art. Introducing the new educational proposal (more…)

The Romantic Disease: An Artistic Investigation of Tuberculosis

I had the wonderful opportunity to develop a new artwork to be exhibited at the Museu Picasso, Barcelona for the Art, Ciència i programme of the Festival de Ciència, Tecnologia i Innovació 2014 as part of my project about the relationship of art and Tuberculosis which is called “The Romantic Disease”. The new work was inspired by Pablo Picasso’s 1899-1900 series ¡Pobres genios! (Poor Geniuses) from the museum’s collection, which shows a group of people around a bed of a very sick patient, believed to represent a tuberculosis (TB) sufferer. Workshop results (more…)

The creative process of Picasso in the University Master’s Degree of Research in Art and Design

The museum  participates in the University Master's Degree of Research in Art and Design organised by the school EINA, by contributing knowledge about the creative process of Picasso. This master's degree points towards two aspects, on the one hand it takes an in-depth look at the critical theory of art and design, and on the other it debates about how art and design can be ways of researching aspects of the world that produce knowledge. Commented visit of the exhibition “Journey through the blue: La Vie”. Work: Pablo Picasso. La Vie. 1903. Oil on canvas. The Cleveland Museum of Art. Gift ...