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What to do in the summer at the Museu Picasso

Will you be spending your summer holidays in Barcelona? Both if you are from the city or from outside, we propose a number of activities so that you can spend a cool time away from the heat: Summer visitors. Photo: Jordi Mota (more…)

The 2012-2013 season in the Museu Picasso

With Bernardo Laniado-Romero at the front, a new period starts for the museum, with a lot of enthusiasm both from the new director and from the team of the museum. In his presentation of the new 2012-2013 season, he outlined the following lines of action: To consider the collection as the central axis of the work of the museum. To conceive the tasks and functions of the museum with an eminently pedagogical character. To foster the access of the public to art and culture, in a special way for those collectives that have traditionally been excluded. To boost access to knowledge and fluent dialogue ...

Pi, pica, picas(so): music and neighbourhood in the museum

Within the project entitled Pi, pica, picas(so), and for the second year in a row, the Museu Picasso opened its doors one Spring Monday for the boys and girls from the nursery schools of the neighbourhood to offer them a live music concert given by the group Tres & Jazz. The musical proposal was inspired by a selection of five paintings, a piece of pottery by Picasso and some photographs that the children had the chance to look at and observe in detail during the school course. Children from the neighbourhood in the middle of a concert (more…)

Collage for adults with Gloria Vilches

This past May we held a collage workshop with Gloria Vilches within the framework of the exhibition “A collage before collage”. Four very intense sessions that led us through the history of the collage to subsequently be able to make our own works by cutting out and sticking various materials. Album with images of the workshop (more…)

‘Seen by…’: The Importance of Talking in front of the Artwork

Here at the museum we are starting a new season of ‘Seen by…’, our special programme of guided visits to the collection led by rather out-of-the-ordinary guides: we ask professional people from very different backgrounds to talk about their responses to the works on show, in terms of their particular links to their own creative endeavour and their visual and cultural imaginary. Architects, writers, circus artists, dancers, painters, photographers, scientists, poets, designers, art critics, film and theatre directors and more… a wide range of creative talents from the most varied fields have shared their perspectives and points of view, enabling ...