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Picasso on the record: testimonies. Assumpta Escudero

Few testimonial voices remain from the inauguration of the Museu Picasso, back then on March 9th 1963, a date that went on to form part of the history of our city, of our country. Assumpta Escudero Ribot (1931) didn't attend the opening event: however her professional and personal situation made her an exceptional witness. Presentation of the book Los Picassos de Barcelona by Cesareo Rodríguez Aguilera with Joan Ainaud de Lasarte, Polo Picasso and Christine,  and Claude Picasso. 25/10/1974. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. Photo: Joaquín M. Domínguez (more…)

How the Museu Picasso Collection was created

On July 4th the second exhibition dedicated to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Museu Picasso was inaugurated. The exhibition will be on until November 24th and is entitled "50 years of the Museu Picasso in Barcelona. The Collection”. First display of the Las Meninas series at the Berenguer d’Aguilar Palace, 1968 Photographer: Pérez de Rozas (more…)


Some archive photographs reminded me of my first experiences in the museum. They were a cycle of talks about the life and work of Picasso: what a pleasure it was to listen to Francesc Vicens talking about the man from Malaga! Shortly afterwards, in 1980, I started on my professional path into the world of Picasso (first the access tests into the body of museum curators of the Spanish state, and afterwards the work practice).  An energetic path of emotions under the sign of constant training and of sensorial and life experiences: (more…)

Narration of the arrival of Las Meninas to the museum by Lluís Permanyer

On this day, back in 1968, Las Meninas series, donated by Picasso, came to the museum. The journalist and essayist Lluís Permanyer tells us: To have managed to be the first to publish the big news about the donation of the Picassian Las Meninas to Barcelona deserves an explanation. Las Meninas. Pablo Picasso 1957. Oil on canvas. 194 x 260 cm. MPB 70.433 | Las Meninas (Isabel de Velasco). Pablo Picasso, 17/11/1957. Oil on canvas. 24 x 19 cm. MPB 70.484 (more…)

From Picasso “Pour Sabartés”

When Anna Guarro and I sat down in February to programme the series of articles of the blog dedicated to the 50 years of the Museum, these lines were not foreseen.  Well, what I mean to say is that personally I hadn’t thought about writing anything else about Sabartés. It was Anna’s idea, who proposed writing a text entitled “Pour Sabartés”. Sincerely, initially it seemed to me that perhaps there was already enough with so much Sabartés, but it’s clear, “What the boss says, goes” (with all my affection, Anna), so I took the idea on board and decided I ...