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Looking without being seen: restoration of a wooden lattice of the façade of the Museu Picasso of Barcelona

The street of Montcada gathers together a singular representation of architecture of late medieval Barcelona. The so-called large houses” that make it up are today a conjunction and superimposition of styles, that despite the transformations, haven’t lost their original spirit.

Gelosia_abans restauració Gelosia_restaurada

Detail of the lattice before and after the restoration

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Inhabitants of the museum: Jaume Sabartés, the secretary, friend and confidante of Picasso

Jaume Sabartés i Gual was born in Barcelona on June 10th 1881 in the street of Sant Pere més Baix, nº 84. He was the son of Francisco Sabartés Obach, a primary school teacher, from Oliana, and Marial Gual Oromí, from Barcelona. Sabartés is known for having been the personal secretary and confidante of Picasso and also his main biographer.

Retrat de Jaume SabartésJaume Sabartés

Portrait of Sabartés s/d. Fons Jaume Sabartés. Museu Picasso, Barcelona | Pablo Picasso.  Portrait of Jaume Sabartés with ruff and cap . 22/10/1939. Oil on canvas . 46 x 38 cm. Gift of Jaume Sabartés 1952. MPB 70.241. Museu Picasso, Barcelona / Gasull

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2014 of the Museu Picasso in images

What have we done during this year in the museum? A whole lot of things, among exhibitions, family activities, workshops, seminars, talks, visits, restorations, etc. As follows we leave you with a small taste of what this year of 2014 in the museum has been like, in the form of images.

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What can you do at the Museu Picasso during these holidays?

The Christmas holidays are for resting and disconnecting, strolling through the streets with Christmas lights, well wrapped up, meeting up with family and friends, and sharing many meals, but it’s also a time for doing a bit of culture! The Museu Picasso proposes a series of ideas for enjoying Picasso inside and outside the museum:

Mosaic Nadal

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Do you know the inhabitants of the Museu Picasso?

Last year we started a series of biographical articles about the characters that appear in the paintings of Picasso from the collection of the museum. They are people with names and surnames, intimate friends, close relations or simply acquaintances that passed through Picasso’s life.  Of all of them, the artist did portraits using different techniques and styles that allow us to appreciate the wealth of registers that the artist mastered.

Collage Habitants
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Restoration of the early twentieth century ceiling in the gallery of Science and Charity

During the month of November in gallery 3 of the permanent collection, in which Picasso’s work Science and Charity is exhibited, restoration works are being carried out of the paintings of the early twentieth century ceiling of the Palau Meca, that had deteriorated with the passing of time.

Bastida sostre sala 3

Scaffolding on which the restorers work

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Picasso’s study of the street of la Riera de Sant Joan of Barcelona

Throughout his life, Picasso worked in several studios and workshops. During the years he lived in Barcelona he shared studios with other artists: one of them was located on number 17 of Riera de Sant Joan street. He settled there for the first time in 1900, along with his friend Carles Casagemas, and he would return to move there for the second and last time with Ángel Fernández de Soto in 1903.

Riera de Sant JoanPlanol Districte 2. PC Caixa 37.Carpeta 5 (dcte.2)

Pablo Picasso. Riera de Sant Joan Street from the window in the artist’s studio. Barcelona, 1900. Oil painting on wood. 22,3 x 13,8 cm. MPB 110.213 I Detail of the general plan of the District II with indications of the neighbourhoods, blocks of houses, numbering and pertitent signs. AMCB. Source City Council of Barcelona. Q162 Surveying: Plan of the City, PC-37 file 05/12. Contemporary Municipal Archive of Barcelona

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The activities of the new season of the Museu Picasso

With the arrival of the autumn we’re back to the daily routine, of school and work. If you wish a break from your daily routine, the museum proposes a series of activities addressed to all ages!

First of all, from September onwards, every Thursday evening you can visit us for free after work. Admission will be free of charge from 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm.

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Come by the Museu Picasso this summer!

If you’re in Barcelona this August don’t miss out on all you can do in the Museum. Readings, strolls, exhibitions, tours around Barcelona or visits without moving from your chair, you choose!

· Visit the exhibition “Landscapes of Barcelona”: come and see the exhibition and discover the landscapes of the Barcelona of Picasso. Rooftops, windows, the Barcelona seafront, the urban areas… all the facets of the city by the hand of the artist that are represented in the collection.


Pablo Picasso. Barceloneta Beach. Barcelona, 1896. Oil on canvas. 24.4 x 34 cm (irregular). Gif tof Pablo Picasso, 1970. MPB 110.073 | Màrius Aguirre Serrat-Calvó. Factories by Barcelona beach. 1888-1910. Modern print © Arxiu Fotogràfic Centre Excursionista de Catalunya

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Inhabitants of the museum: Carles Casagemas, the mysterious friend from youth of Picasso

Carles Casagemas i Coll was a Catalan artist and writer who was born in Barcelona on September 27th 1880 within a bourgeois family. His father, Manuel Casagemas i Llabrós, was General Vice-Consul of the United States of America in Barcelona and Lluïsa Casagemas, one of his sisters, was a well-known composer. Casagemas was considered one of the most singular Catalan artists within the framework of the second modernist generation. His main artistic reference was Isidre Nonell.

MPB 110.022Casagemas i Picasso carrer Mercè

Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Carles Casagemas. 1899-1900. Oil on canvas. 55 x 45 cm. MPB 110.022 | Picasso, Ángel F. de Sotoand Carles Casagemas on the family terrace of the former, in the street of la Mercè circa. 1900. Source: Eduard Vallès Archive, Barcelona

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