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The 8 names of Picasso: a reading proposal for this summer

From the library we propose recuperating some poetry dedicated to Picasso and published some forty-five years ago.  We are referring to the book by Rafael Alberti (1902-1999), The 8 names of Picasso and I don't say more than I don't say published in Barcelona by the publisher Kairós, in 1970, and which was reprinted twice, in the same year and in 1978. (more…)

Picasso and the artist’s books

The work and the interest of Pablo Picasso for the publishing world is a field which is not explored much and one which brings up numerous surprises, both in the field of current publishing, and more especially in that of bibliophiles. It is in this field, obviously, where we find the most personal projects. Inside the catalogue raisonné of books illustrated by Picasso: Brigitte Baer, Picasso, peintre graveur: vol. 3. Berna, Kornfeld, 1986 (more…)

After the exhibition“Yo Picasso. Self-Portraits”

The catalogues of exhibitions have a double life.  On the one hand, they are the testimony of a temporary and short-lived event that gathers together a series of works and documents in one place and in one space, selected by the curators to illustrate or suggest an idea, a thesis, that structures and covers both the exhibition and the catalogue.  On the other hand, once the period of time has passed in which we are allowed to live the experience of the exhibition, the catalogue loses this original temporality and becomes an essay, a specialised monograph. All this preamble leads us ...

The catalogue of the Museu Picasso library is now online!

This announcement of the launch of the online Museum library catalogue will probably come as a surprise to many of you, and some of you may even have the feeling that you have already consulted it. The fact is that our regular users have previously had access to the physical catalogue in situ, in the Museum’s public consultation space, but what we are presenting here is the online catalogue, available on the Internet. (more…)