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Toolkit lifestyle profiles: view on culture

Last month I was in Rotterdam to join a program of conferences called Audiences Insight/ Out. The last session organised by Flanders CultuurNet, consist in doing a workshop based in Flanders, in 2003 and 2009 for the leisure participation of Flemish people. Flanders CultuurNet has a team of 8 people who travel throughout Flanders to give personal support to local authorities and to help them in taking a more strategic approach to their culture and leisure communication. This workshop seemed to be a strategic toolkit « view on culture » which allows the user of the toolkit to create an ...

What do we know about the Museu Picasso visitors?

The museum now knows a little more about its visitors after carrying out a one-year museum marketing study and conducting 2,102 situational interviews. The study is based on the following sections: Quality measurement, differentiating between expectations prior to the visit and the quality perceived after the visit. Visitor profile, in order to see the type of people who visit the museum (gender, age, nationality, residence, education and career). Visiting habits, determining the frequency of visits, the reasons, time of stay and the composition of the visiting group. Visitors in the museum rooms (more…)

Museums as part of society – and vice versa

As head of the Visitor Services department I have just spent three days visiting some of the most famous museums in the city of London - the British Museum, the National Gallery, Tate Britain and Tate Modern. In all of these museums I had the pleasure of meeting the heads of the various departments responsible for visitor services and of discussing with them issues to do with guided tours, audio guides, activities, accessibility, complaints, signage and tour management, including others. Like the vast majority of cultural institutions in Britain, these museums believe that art and culture are not a luxury but a part of the DNA ...

How do you look after more than 900,000 visitors a year? Taking care of Visitor Services at the Museu Picasso

With close to million visitors a year, open to the public 10 hours a day, six days a week, plus evening activities, like all good museums the world over the Museu Picasso has a great team working in what tends to be known as ‘visitor services’. The fact is that a million visitors a year isn’t all that much compared with the more than eight million who visit the Louvre, but our museum has something of a handicap in terms of its physical structure of five medieval palaces, connected to one another. A wonderfully rich historical heritage and an excellent example ...

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