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Bringing to light the other face of the Museu Picasso

The Museu Picasso is one of the places of Barcelona which attracts more people. As well as offering clear cultural contents of unarguable recognition, it is also a place of urban reference where the city exhibits, explains and represents. A building where many periods and architectural styles of major historic and patrimonial interest live together.   The lighting of the building on the one hand should provide support to the natural light during the day in those spaces of gloom, and during the night place the building on the map of the nighttime landscape of the city, showing off the beauty and ...

New reflections about Picasso and Cubism in the 3rd Master Lecture Jaume Sabartés

The third edition of the cycle of Jaume Sabartés lectures, which is held each year in honour of the founder of the Museu Picasso, counted last week on the presence of Dr. Christopher Green as a guest speaker, who offered his vision about “Picasso and friends: Cubism as Realism, 1914-1918”. (more…)

Latest donations and acquisitions, 2010-2016

These last few years, the Museu Picasso has incorporated in its collections 115 works by Pablo Picasso, 15,871 photographs by various authors, 3,277 photolithographic prints and 24,221 textual documents related to Picasso and the study of his life and work. We owe this important contribution to our collections to the inestimable generosity of a group of people and entities that, with their donations, have wanted to actively participate in the growth of the institution so that, in accordance with the wishes of our founders, the work of Pablo Picasso can be exhibited in a permanent way in the city of ...