The pin-up girls as a humorous element of the letters between Picasso and Sabartés

The compositions with pin-up girls form a sub-category in the correspondence between Pablo Picasso and Jaume Sabartés. These small creations are an example of the humour that impregnated their friendship, not evading any type of joke, not even the dirty or sexual ones. They referred to them as “things to make you tremble and laugh,” and they did so increasingly in the 1950s, when both were already in their seventies.

Margarida Cortadella: «The correspondence between Sabartés and Picasso breaks the cliché that they only spoke about money»

As you know, the Museu Picasso is hosting the exhibition «Sabartés by Picasso by Sabartés» until 24th February, in which we review the friendship that joined them during almost 70 years. The exhibition is curated by the director of the Museum, Emmanuel Guigon, and by the head of the library, Margarida Cortadella, who we have interviewed to get to know a little more about the contents of the exhibition.

«Sabartés by Picasso by Sabartés», history of two inseparable friends

This year represents 50 years since the death of Jaume Sabartés, an essential figure in the life of Pablo Picasso and the man behind the foundation of the Museu Picasso of Barcelona. For this reason, from 23rd November we will be paying homage to him with the exhibition «Sabartés by Picasso by Sabartés», that not only takes an in-depth look at his friendship with the Cubist master, but also his career as a biographer, writer, translator, professor and intellectual.

The Museu Picasso will host four temporary exhibitions in 2018

2018 will be marked by the four temporary exhibitions that we will be organising at the Museu Picasso of Barcelona: «Picasso kitchen», «Picasso discovers Paris», «Pablo Picasso and the publishers Gustavo Gili» and «Sabartés by Picasso ...