Summary in images of the Big Draw. Barcelona Draws 2018

Summary in images of the Big Draw. Barcelona Draws 2018

Around 22,000 people participated in the Big Draw. Barcelona Draws 2018, the biggest ever drawing festivity held in the city, and the response of the public was very positive despite the fact that the rain and cold were protagonists throughout the Sunday and very especially during the morning.

In its ninth edition, the Big Draw was again been organised by the Museu Picasso, and on this occasion also by the Institute of Culture of Barcelona City Council. Furthermore, five entities joined as collaborators of the event: the MACBA, the Museu del Disseny, the Fundació Joan Miró, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and the Museu de les Ciències Naturals de Barcelona.

The public had the opportunity to participate in 41 free-of-charge workshops given by artists from many different specialities, from painting to architecture, in spaces managed by the collaborating entities and spread around a large part of the city; specifically, the neighbourhoods of La Ribera, Santa Caterina, Sant Pere, Parc de Montjuïc, El Raval, El Parc and La Llacuna del Poblenou, El Clot and El Parc del Fòrum.

In our Flickr account we have gathered together nearly 500 photographs of the day that you can look at, share and download as you wish.  In this post we offer you a small selection of images of the workshops that we held in the Museu Picasso so that you can see the great atmosphere of creativity that could be perceived there!


“City Parade”, by Jordi Colomer

“City Parade”, by Jordi Colomer. The lecture hall of the Museum became a city of cardboard full of drawings and inspired by the scenery that Picasso painted for the ballet “Parade”, represented in the Gran Teatre del Liceu on 10th November 1917.


“Sea in the air”, by Koala Art for Kids

“Sea in the air”, by Koala Art for Kids. In the Sala Mauri, kids and grown-ups were able to swim in a sea of water and colours….and to fill it with fish!  A workshop that had a very good participation and in which everyone was free to draw their fish on the bags of colours.


“What a cheek!”, by Jara Llagostera

“What a cheek!”, by Jara Llagostera. The aim of this workshop held in the Centre of Knowledge and Research was for everyone to draw a face and to add it to a large collective mural.  Eyes, noses, mouths, and hair interlaced everywhere…we don’t get tired of looking at it!


“Volatile drawings”, by Mar Saiz

“Volatile drawings”, by Mar Saiz. The participants of this workshop will be able to pick up the marker pens and do their drawings on transparent balloons, and we saw many of them walking around the neighbourhood!


“Barcelona futuristic retro”, by Manu Ripoll

“Barcelona futuristic retro”, by Manu Ripoll. The aim of this workshop is to make postcards of a Barcelona of science fiction.  Picking up photos of the city’s monuments, the participants added futuristic elements, extraterrestrials, monsters or flying cars.


“Bestioda”, by Marcel·lí Antúnez

Bestioda”, by Marcel·lí Antúnez. In this one, the idea was to construct a poem of eight hundred letters with different meanings, in which each letter formed part of the animals that the participants had drawn.  The result could be seen in a large mural stuck to the glass that could be read from the square of Jaume Sabartés.


“Break the black”, by Anna Anglès

“Break the black”, by Anna Anglès. In the Sala Meca we were left in the dark to construct a large collective border with geometric shapes.  Light and phosphorescent colours created a magic ambience!



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