13,000 participations in the Big Draw 2015!

On Sunday October 25th, the date of the anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s birth (he was born in 1881), we celebrated the sixth edition of the Big Draw, with the collaboration of other entities from the neighbourhood, who joined in with this celebration of drawing. The 22 workshops spread around the neighbourhoods of La Ribera, Santa Caterina and Sant Pere received more than 13,000 participations.


Big Draw Barcelona 2015

The figure is spectacular, and we are very satisfied. It is always difficult to calculate the number of participations in public events and for us at the museum, it is important to look at the figures with care. Therefore, when talking about the participants of the Big Draw, we only count those who actively participated in the workshops. In each of these workshops, there was what we called the “base material”, without which it wouldn’t be possible to carry out the workshop: sometimes this was as simple as a piece of paper; and sometimes it would be more elaborate. This base material is what is given to the participants and therefore the count of what remains left over at the end of the day allows us to calculate how many people attended each given workshop. We can not know if this same person carries out one, two or three workshops: and neither are we able to know how many people accompanied the person but didn’t take part in the workshop.


Workshop Big Draw

That’s why we talk about “participations” and not about “participants”, which is a figure that we can quantify and justify.  Based on this figure, we can confirm that this has been the “Big Draw, the Festival of Drawing” which has been better received, and that we have a project that is growing and which has become fully consolidated in Barcelona as an autumn event for families and also for adults.

But what is maybe more important than the figures of attendance, is the rating of the quality of the proposal and the fact that it is faithful to its principles, which continue to be those which we fixed in planning the event for Barcelona and which we have talked about in previous articles in the blog. We believe that in this aspect, the workshops that we have worked on from the museum and from the participating entities have fulfilled the will of being proposals of author, ludic and of high cultural quality, all of them dealing with some “basic” aspect of drawing, as we also explained in another post. The continual work of all those involved in achieving the fact that these proposals are of quality is, without doubt, closely linked to the success of the response of the public.


Workshop Big Draw 2015

It doesn’t need to be said that we would like to know the experiences and feedback of those of you who have attended, and if you want to send them to us, we would be very grateful, given that this helps us to grow.

The whole team of the Big Draw in the Museu Picasso would like to pass on our thanks to the attendees for your loyalty towards the Big Draw; to the participating entities for your contributions and involvement; and above all to the participating workshop leaders, without whom there wouldn’t be a project.

Thank you very much, and until the Big Draw 2016!

Anna Guarro
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