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Starting the organisation of each edition of the Big Draw is like starting out on an adventure.  It is a magic moment full of possibilities and of doors that open up as you advance, through which you can get a glimpse of different worlds full of ideas and colour.

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We begin this process in the month of March, with hardly any preconceived ideas about who will end up participating.  The usual starting point is a list that we prepare throughout the year, with the names of the people we would have liked to have counted on in the previous edition, but for one reason or another we were unable to invite; different works or artists that we have found that were related to the project ; recommendations from collaborators; or projects that have been sent to us.  To this first selection, other projects that are sent to us during this period are added.

Except in the case in which a very specific proposal has been passed to us that can clearly function very well in one of the spaces, when we hold the first meetings with possible workshop leaders we still don’t have their location defined: we will begin looking at suitable spaces for each of them once we have received the proposal. And from the moment that the first proposals have been defined, we will starting getting in touch with other professionals so as to find visions of the world of drawing that are very divergent and that form the kaleidoscope about drawing that we would like each Big Draw to be.

From this point on, it becomes a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, by seeing which pieces fit together with the others.  We then compare this list of proposals with the list of spaces, both those managed by the museum as well as those provided by the participating entities, so as to see which of the proposals would be suitable for another space and not for one of ours.

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Workshop of the Big Draw Barcelona 2014

The “Big Draw” workshops -in our own particular version that we have created in Barcelona- have certain characteristics that are often a challenge for the creators to whom we propose to participate, a challenge that demands of them simplicity at the same time as complexity; that demands a reflection based around that which is basic about the technique of drawing in the double sense of the word, that of being “simple” but also of being “fundamental”.

Faithful to the concept of a Mediterranean street celebration, which we have wanted to give to the Festa del Dibuix (Festival of Drawing) ever since its first edition, a good Big Draw workshop is accessible to everyone; it can be carried out in a satisfactory way by those who are not particularly skillful or knowledgeable about drawing, but also allows the specialists to be able to go in-depth in each and every one of the proposals. We also want it to be understood by the participants just by seeing what the others are doing, and that their participation in the workshop is agile and without time limits, with each one choosing when to be incorporated in the workshop that interests them and deciding how much time to spend there.

These conditions, far from frightening the creative minds, seem more to urge them on, and we could say with satisfaction that in the six editions we have already held, there hasn’t been a single creator that we have asked to participate who hasn’t wanted to do so! We are also happy to see how each year we receive more proposals specifically thought up for the Big Draw, which already incorporate these characteristics: illustrators, artists, designers, etc., who have participated as public and want to form part of it, and who already understand the way it functions, which is not habitual in workshops but that at the same time allows proposals to be made which are highly creative.

Video of the presentation of the Big Draw Barcelona 2015

For the consolidation of the Big Draw as a creative event in Barcelona the role of the entities and organisations of the neighbourhood that we invite to participate has also been very important.  Their involvement has been fundamental for the project to have become consolidated as a project of the neighbourhood and of the city, either by participating with workshops of artists that they have selected, or with workshops that we ourselves have suggested. With a programming that each entity adjusts to their availability and the relevance of the drawing in their everyday tasks, their proposals enrich everyone. From the museum we are very grateful that they take on the ownership of the project that we propose to them, with the understanding that it might be the case that in some editions it may not be possible for some of these entities to participate, but the door is always open to future collaborations.

The Museu Picasso provides support to these institutions by means of various tasks: on the one hand, we offer them the organization of general framework of the festival, with a complex and exhaustive communication campaign through a diversity of media that are incorporated, fully led by the departments of Communication and Social Networks of the Museu Picasso. We also carry out a follow up of the proposals and collaborate in their definition and dimensioning of these, reviewing the processes so as to ensure an agile functioning and a high level of quality of all the workshops. We provide support staff and we are responsible for the whole infrastructure of the festival, as well as of the media coverage, the audiovisual monitoring, and the activation in the social networks. And finally, from the museum we manage the relations with the sponsors and we provide all the workshops with all the material that is within our capacity.

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Taller de l’edició 2011 del Big Draw Barcelona

To finish, I would like to make a special mention of the sponsors and their relevance with just one phrase: the Big Draw wouldn’t be possible without them. Therefore, and so as to compensate in a way the little media repercussion that the sponsors of cultural events tend to have, when they are often crucial for these events to be able to take place, I would like to take advantage of this text to give gratitude to the collaboration of Staedtler and Canson, with whom we have developed a tight and valuable relationship, and of Raima, who has joined the project this year with the same generosity and enthusiasm that we have mentioned above, as well as the support of Playcolor.

On October 25th 2015, the day of the 134th anniversary of the birth of Pablo Picasso, we invite you to come end celebrate and enjoy, with pencil in hand, this new edition of the Big Draw, which has been very carefully prepared, with a lot of enthusiasm and above all with lots of creativity by the invited workshop leaders, to whom we are very grateful and we celebrate their generosity.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Anna Guarro
Head of Educational Services and Activities

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