Picasso as a subject of study

In a collaboration with the University of Barcelona, this autumn the Museu Picasso is starting the first of  the three three-month courses that aim to provide knowledge and methodological tools to doresearch on Pablo Picasso.

These courses are part of the program Gaudir UB from the Area of Complementary Training and can be carried out independently so as to take an in-depth look at periods of the trajectory of Picasso, or in a consecutive way so as to explore his work as a whole and how to carry out research about it. They are aimed both at university students as well as the public in general.

Cursos UB

The professors will be Michela Rosso and Daniel López del Rincón, with the academic assessment of the museum, in particular from the Curator of the Collection, Malén Gual, the head of the library Margarida Cortadella, and the director Bernardo Laniado-Romero, from whom this initiative for generating studies at university level about the artist, but available to everyone, emerged.

The 10 termly sessions of each course will be divided between the classrooms of the Area of Complementary Studies, located at the Casa Jeroni Granell, and the classrooms and the galleries of the Museu Picasso, offering in this way a unique opportunity for studying and reflecting on the artist directly in front of his work. It has been decided to hold the sessions on Mondays, the day the museum is closed, so as to be able to work calmly and comfortably alone in front of the works, a privileged situation in any museum, that will allow the participants to gain an in-depth knowledge about the trajectory and the works. The visits to the galleries will also be complemented by the study of the works that are in the reserves, when they are not being exhibited but are necessary to be examined and discussed for the course.


The contents will be divided between the three courses, that as we have explained above can be done in a continuous or independent way. In the first two terms an analysis of the Picassian trajectory will be carried out, divided chronologically from 1881 to 1907 in the first course, and from 1908 to the death of the artist in the second. The third will be dedicated to the research about the artist, proposing diverse methodologies and examining the heritage, library and archive of the museum itself, and the possibilities these offer.

With this proposal we aim to continue working on the various lines of continuing education for professionals and students and of diffusion of the work of the artist that the museum has developed, and that along with the preservation of the work, are the most relevant tasks that all museums have to assume.

You can register as of September 7th in the website itself of Gaudir UB. We look forward to seeing you!

Anna Guarro
Head of Educational Services and Activities

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