The summer of Picasso and of the museum

As with each summer, from the museum we put forward a series of proposals so that you are able to get to know the museum onsite and in person, to gain a greater insight in a virtual online way, to discover the Barcelona that Picasso lived in, and above all to get to know the artist a little better, his life as well as his work.


· Selection of aquatints: Until September you will be able to enjoy a new selection of works of Picasso from our collection. In this case it is a selection of more than thirty sugar-lift aquatints, a type of etching used by Picasso, which you can also follow through the social networks under the hashtag #SeleccióPicasso.

MPB 070.597

Pablo Picasso. Tree in the storm, with flight towards a church. Mougins, 15th August, 1968 (III). Sugar lift aquatint on greased plate and drypoint on copper plate, printed on Rives vellum watermarked paper (Sabartés proof). 20 x 32.5 cm (plate);  31.5 x 45.1 cm (paper). Gift of Pablo Picasso, 1970. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. Photo: Estudi Gasull. MPB 70.597

· Forthcoming exhibitions: start getting a taste of the forthcoming exhibitions that we will be inaugurating this autumn! “Picasso and the Reventós” and “Picasso’s Passion for El Greco” are the titles of these two small-format exhibitions that you will be able to see from October onwards.

Retrat Dr Jacint ReventósEl Greco Vell Cavaller

Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Dr. Jacint Reventós. Barcelona, 1900. Charcoal and colored turpentine on paper. 42 x 34 cm. Private collection © Successió Pablo Picasso, VEGAP, Madrid 2015 | El Greco. An old gentelman. Oil on canvas. 46 x 43 cm. Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid © Museo Nacional del Prado. Madrid

· Inhabitants of the museum: this summer, when strolling through the galleries, you will be able to meet up with some of our inhabitants such as Jaume Sabartés (the friend and confidante of Picasso), Àngel Fernández de Soto (the dandy friend of the artist), Carles Casagemas (the mysterious friend), Lola (his sister), Leónide Massine (the Harlequin), Sebastià Junyent (the modernist painter), tia Pepa and Blanquita Suárez (the star of varieties), amongst others!

retrat_sabartesMPB_110.022Lola, germana de l'artista

ArlequiMPB_110.018blanquita suarez
Pablo Picasso.  Portrait of Jaume Sabartés with ruff and cap . 22/10/1939. Oil on canvas . 46 x 38 cm. Gift of Jaume Sabartés 1952. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. Photo: Estudi Gasull. MPB 70.241.  | Pablo Picasso. Carles Casagemas. 1899-1900. Oil on canvas. 55 x 45 cm. Gift of Pablo Picasso, 1970. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. Photo: Estudi Gasull. MPB 110.022. | Pablo Picasso. Lola, the Artist’s Sister, in the Studio in Riera de Sant Joan. 1900. Oil on canvas. 55,5 x 45.5 cm. (irregular). Gift of Pablo Picasso, 1970. Museu Picasso,  Barcelona. Photo: Estudi Gasull. MPB 110.054 | Pablo Picasso. Harlequin. 1917. Oil on canvas. 116 x 90 cm. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. Photo: Estudi Gasull. MPB 10.941 | Pablo Picasso. Sebastià Junyent. 1903. Oil on canvas. 73 x 60 cm.  Gift of Pablo Picasso, 1970. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. Photo: Estudi Gasull. MPB 110.018 | Pablo Picasso. Blanquita Suárez. Barcelona, 1917. Oil on canvas. 73.3 x 47 cm. Gift of  Pablo Picasso, 1970. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. Photo: Estudi Gasull. MPB 110.013

· Travelling works: won’t you be in Barcelona this summer? If you pass by the Museu de Reus, the Centre Pompidou-Metz, the Palazzo dei Diamanti of Ferrara or the Museo Carmen Thyssen of Malaga you’ll be in luck because you’ll be able to visit our travelling works during these summer months.


Pablo Picasso. Altar boy giving oil to an old woman . Barcelona, 1896. Oil on canvas. 29 x 20 cm. Gift of Pablo Picasso, 1970. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. Photo: Estudi Gasull. MPB 110.078

· Picassian summer readings: for those who want to get to know Picasso more deeply, but by the side of the swimming pool, we recommend you a couple of very fresh readings: The summer of love, which we have worked on in the Reading Club, and the poetry of Rafael Alberti, The 8 names of Picasso and I don’t say more than I don’t say.

Estiu de l'amorAlberti portada

· Picassian courses: are you thinking of signing on for a course this autumn? Together with the University of Barcelona we are preparing a series of courses of specialisation about Pablo Picasso. Sign yourself on because we’ll be opening the registrations in September!

· Barcelona of Picasso: not everything begins and ends with the museum, Picasso enjoyed Barcelona in each of his stays here, and if you want you can take a tour around the nooks and crannies of Barcelona to see where the artist lived, worked and enjoyed himself.

Cursos UBcarnet-museu-picasso-petit

· You don’t need to queue!: this summer (and always) you can avoid the queues by buying the admission ticket online and directly access the museum. And just for a little bit more you can obtain the Museum Card and enter the museum without queuing, all year long. And remember, on Thursdays we open until 9.30pm!

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  • Dolores Mantecón Gutierrez
    August 7, 2015

    Ojalá los tradujeran al español

  • Museu Picasso
    August 7, 2015

    Buenos días Dolores,
    en la parte superior izquierda del blog tienes la posibilidad de cambiar de idioma. Te adjunto el enlace en castellano para que puedas disfrutar de la lectura: El verano de Picasso y del museo. Muchas gracias

  • Carmen
    December 22, 2017

    me encanta Piscasso, es uno de mis artistas españoles preferidos y más internacionales.

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