A visit to remember

The aging of the population represents one of the major social transformations of the 21st century and it requires an active response to foster the social value and the capital of experience of elderly people, and also to undertake actions for improving their quality of life, both at a physical and a social level. The museum has been working with this collective for the past three years, with the workshop “Picasso in the memory”, in which we work for six months dealing with aspects of the memory through the objects of our collection, and as a result our experience has been very positive indeed.


Workshop visit for the elderly “A visit to remember”

As a consequence of the very positive feedback that we have received after the three editions of this long term workshop, we have created a two-hour long activity to be able to open up the experience of enjoying the museum to other entities and organisations that also carry out memory workshops.


Visiting the galleries of the collection

The first part of the activity “A visit to remember” consists of a visit to the galleries of the collection of the museum that allows us to develop this experience through the dialogue established in front of a selection of works, by fostering participation, the use of descriptive language, observation and the association of ideas. Memory, to a great extent, is linked to other cognitive skills, such as attention, perception and language, and also to imaginative or creative thought.

P1030683 P1030684

Workshop in the classrooms | Dialogue among the participants to respond to the questions about the paintings

Once the four works had been observed in the galleries, we move to the classrooms where, in an relaxed atmosphere and in groups, the particpants respond to questions about the paintings observed.  The participants are provided with a series of clues in the form of objects that make reference to the works.

The objective of this project is to determine what are the processes that help slow down memory los, and to train them in a different context while at the same time providing them with a new experience. As a second goal, we also proposed a group activity for them that helped them to exercise their social skills, such as debating, the process of decision-making in a group and exercising active listening.

P1030651 P1030673

The objects are clues that make reference to the paintings they have observed | The participants respond to the questions

Given the good result and the fact that this workshop visit of two hours, that we have started this spring, was so well received, we will continue to offer it throughout the year.

Vanesa Rojas
Department of Education

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  • Andres
    June 17, 2015

    Me parece muy buena inicitiva!

  • Museu Picasso
    June 19, 2015

    ¡Muchas gracias Andres! 🙂

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