Family workshop of “Exquisite portrait”

As part of the temporary exhibition “Picasso/Dalí. Dalí/Picasso” we have programmed a series of workshops for families entitled “Exquisite portrait”.

Here you have a small taste of how the session went this last Saturday:


Before visiting the exhibition, we talked in the classrooms about what we were going to do.

taller_familiar_picasso_dali_12 taller_familiar_picasso_dali_10

Right  after that, we visited the exhibition “Picasso/Dalí. Dalí/Picasso”.


After the visit we practiced a version of the surrealist game of the “exquisite corpse”, by doing collective drawings in which chance was an important element. These collective drawings became our portraits.


Visualising, drawing, cuting out and glueing are the essential steps for constructing an exquisite portrait!
Once the portratits were finished we hung them up on the wall of the classroom.


We will be doing the next workshops on May 9th and 16th, book your place now!

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  • Diego Pinto
    July 3, 2015

    Es una idea excelente pedir a los pequeños que retraten inspirados por los grandes artistas como Picasso y Dalí.

  • Museu Picasso
    July 9, 2015

    Muchas gracias Diego por tu comentario, los talleres con niños siempre son experiencias muy enriquecedoras para todos.

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