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What have we done during this year in the museum? A whole lot of things, among exhibitions, family activities, workshops, seminars, talks, visits, restorations, etc. As follows we leave you with a small taste of what this year of 2014 in the museum has been like, in the form of images.


· Exhibition “Post-Picasso. Contemporary reactions”: with this exhibition, by the curator Michael FitzGerald, we made a review of responses by contemporary artists to the work and life of Pablo Picasso. Based around the exhibition we carried out a series of activities, among them being the family workshop of contemporary reactions to Picasso “You create, he creates, we create”.


Poster of the exhibition | Visit to the exhibition “Post-Picasso. Contemporary reactions” during the workshop

· Exhibition “The donation of David Douglas Duncan, II”: this is the second of the exhibitions organised with the snapshots that the international photographer David Douglas Duncan, friend of Pablo and Jacqueline Picasso, donated to the museum on the occasion of the 50th anniversary.

Duncan II tauromaquiaDuncan II periodistes

David Douglas Duncan. Picasso working on La Tauromàquia. La Californie, 1957.  Modern digital copy by ink injection. 50 x 60 cm. David Douglas Duncan Donation, 2013 | Photograph of the homage of the journalists and the museum to the photographer David Douglas Duncan

· Exhibition “Landscapes of Barcelona “: what was the Barcelona like, that Picasso knew? With this exhibition, by the curator Claustre Rafart, Picasso’s landscapes of the city were exhibited, accompanied by photographs of the time. Furthermore, with this exhibition we started a new line of digital publications: the “Journals on the Collection”.


Pablo Picasso. Barceloneta beach Barcelona, 1896. Oil on canvas. 24.4 x 34 cm (irregular). Donation Pablo Picasso, 1970. MPB 110.073 | Cover of the digital publication with the photo by Màrius Aguirre Serrat-Calvó. Factories beside the beach of Barcelona. 1888-1910. Modern copy © Photographic archive Centre Excursionista de Catalunya

· Works of Picasso in residence: this year the works The studio of La Californie, Adolescent and Dwarf, have been loaned to us from private collections. The first two can be seen in the Gallery 16 and the galleries of the series of Las Meninas, respectively, and the oil painting Dwarf can be found in the exhibition “Picasso/Dalí, Dalí/Picasso” of the Dalí Museum of Florida and will be able to be seen in Barcelona as of March.

NanTaller Californie

Pablo Picasso. Dwarf. Mougins, 27th July 1969. Oil on canvas. 146 x 114 cm. Private collection | Pablo Picasso. The studio of La Californie. Cannes, 29th April 1956. Oil on canvas. 195 x 260 cm. Private collection

· Incorporation of the Gili Collection: this year we have received the donation of the Editorial Gili and we have also acquired the Gustau Gili and Anna Maria Torra collection which have allowed us to enrich the collection of the museum and to remember the friendship between Gustau Gili and Picasso.

Fons Gili

Jacqueline Picasso. Gustau Gili, Pablo Picasso and Anna Maria Torra. Mougins, 5/12/1970. Period photograph in black and white.  Drawing, signature and dedication by Pablo Picasso. Gustau Gili and Anna Maria Torra Collection © Successió Pablo Picasso, VEGAP, Madrid 2014 © Jacqueline Picasso

· New system of ticket sales:  at a level of management of public a series of technical improvements have been introduced to synchronise at the same time the online sales and the sales from the ticket offices that allow, among other improvements, to reduce the queues in the carrer Montcada.

Entrada nova_01Entrades noves_02

New admission tickets with the QR code and system of access

· Restoration of  The frugal repast and Ovid’s Metamorphosis: the work of conservation and restoration of the works of the collection are a constant in the everyday life of the museum.  However, the restoration also includes the part belonging to the heritage of the spaces of the museum and this year we have restored the nineteenth century ceiling of the gallery 3 where the Science and Charity is situated.

MPB_110.011Bastida sostre sala 3

Pablo Picasso. The frugal meal. Paris, September 1904. Etching and scraping on zinc plate printed on paper 46.3 x 37.7 cm (plate). 61.4 x 44.3 cm (irregular; sheet). Donation Pablo Picasso, 1970. MPB 110.011 | Scaffolding for restoring the ceiling of the gallery 3

· First master conference “Jaume Sabartés”: this year we initiated a series of annual master conferences based around the work of Picasso.  The first was in honour of its founder Jaume Sabartés given by the art historian and specialist in Picasso Elizabeth Cowling.

Retrat de Jaume Sabartés

Pablo Picasso.  Portrait of Jaume Sabartés with ruff and hat. 22/10/1939. Oil on canvas . 46 x 38 cm. Donation Jaume Sabartés 1952, MPB 70.241

· New “Neighbourhood projects” during the 2013-14 course: from the Department of Education and Activities we have once again worked with the schools of Ciutat Vella.

Projectes barri_01Projectes barri_3
Project carried out based on the acrobatic /saltimbanquis works of Picasso works of Picasso and the series The Doves. Escola Ciutadella

· The museum works on social inclusion: we have developed this field through the activity for the elderly “Picasso in the memory”, participation in the project Apropa Cultura (Approaching Culture) with a workshop on portraits, the training of social educators “Educa en l’Art” (Educate in Art) and the workshop on masks in the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.

Mural St Joan de Déu 2014

Doing a portrait of Clara in the workshop of Apropa Cultura | Participants in “Picasso in the Memory” working with Margot | Poster of the 2014 edition produced by the illustrator Arianne Faber

· Action of the museum in the social networks: in the field of digital communication we have participated in The Week of the Museums in Twitter, an initiative which has joined together museums from all over Europe, under the hashtag #MuseumWeek and which aims to approach these institutions and their contents to the more connected citizenship and also, as in each edition, to Ask a Curator, an activity that promotes questions and answers between cultural and public institutions through the hashtag #AskACurator.

MuseumWeek2014Ask a Curator 2014

· 5 years of…: this year we’ve also been celebrating different anniversaries! We have celebrated the 5th anniversary of the organisation of the first Big Draw Barcelona, la Festa del Dibuix, the 5 years since the inauguration of the blog of the museum and 5 years since the start of the sessions of the Reading Club.

Big Draw 2014

In total, the Educational Services of the museum have attended 18,000 students during 2014 with the new educational methodology.

Museum’s newsroom

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