What can you do at the Museu Picasso during these holidays?

The Christmas holidays are for resting and disconnecting, strolling through the streets with Christmas lights, well wrapped up, meeting up with family and friends, and sharing many meals, but it’s also a time for doing a bit of culture! The Museu Picasso proposes a series of ideas for enjoying Picasso inside and outside the museum:

Mosaic Nadal

· Visit the exhibition “The donation of David Douglas Duncan, II“: until January 11th you will be able to see the second of the exhibitions organised with the 163 photographs donated to the museum by the international photographer, and friend of Pablo and Jacqueline, David Douglas Duncan. There will surely be facets of Picasso that will surprise you!

· Take a walk among the selection of prints from our collection: until January 25th you will be able to enjoy the collection of prints, that, in the framework of the permanent collection, highlight the evolution of the masculine face in the graphic work of Picasso between 1922 and 1971.

Duncan II MPB_70.362

David Douglas Duncan. Picasso Making a Spanish Platter. La Californie, abril de 1957. Modern inkjet digital print. 50 x 60 cm. Gift of David Douglas Duncan, 2013 | Pablo Picasso. Cap. ougins, 19th August, 1964 (I). Soft varnish inked in colours, on copper plate, printed on paper. 41.7 x 31.7 cm, plate; 56.2 x 40 cm, paper. Gift of Jaume Sabartés, 1966. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. MPB70362

· Get ready for the exhibition “Picasso/Dalí, Dalí/Picasso”: co-organised and opened in November at the Dalí Museum of Florida, you will be able to see it in the Museu Picasso of Barcelona from March 2015 onwards.  The Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí of Figueres has also collaborated. It sounds good!

nou sistema entradesClub Lectura 14-15

· Don’t queue! Buy your admission ticket online with the new system of ticket sales: the new platform boosts the purchasing of tickets through the website which will allow the visitor to choose, both by internet or at the ticket office, the time you prefer and to directly access the museum with a QR code.

· Have a look at what we’ve prepared for the Reading Club of the museum for January: is one of your New Year’s resolutions to read more? In the Reading Club we propose a series of books that afterwards we will work on in depth in the museum.

apat_abans_1Detall sostre sala 3

Work The frugal repast befor restoration| Restoration process of the early twentieth century ceiling

· Check out the restoration works that we have carried out in the different spaces of the museum: in the Gallery 3 where the Picasso work Science and Charity is located, we have restored the nineteenth century ceiling, but we have also carried out other restoration works, such as those of the Portrait of Carles Casagemas and the prints of The frugal meal and Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

· Discover the secrets of the courtyards of the museum: get to know the history and the architectural details of the courtyards of the palaces that make up the museum through our website and explore them directly by strolling through them.

Patis virtuals

· Give the museum card as a gift: if you are thinking of original presents… this annual season ticket (which will work out much cheaper) allows you to visit the temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection as many times as you want.


· Get to know the inhabitants of the museum and visit them in the galleries: do you know who inhabits the galleries of the museum? Consult this series of biographical articles about the characters that appear in the paintings by Picasso from the museum’s collection. Compare them with real photographs from the time and contrast them with how the artist saw them when he painted them.

Collage Habitants

· Visit us from home through the website of the museum: from the sofa, covered in a blanket with a hot chocolate you can consult the characteristics of all the works, or take a stroll along the Picassian chronology to get to know more deeply the artist and even to put together the jigsaw puzzle of Picasso’s version of Las Meninas, and all of this without leaving home.

The team of the museum wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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