Internship placement positions in the museum: an opportunity for all

Of my years as a university student I hold many, many good memories. One of the best, and surely one of the most relevant in terms of my formative development, was the programme of internships that I followed in a museum.


That first contact with the professional world made me learn at all levels and provided me with insightful information on many different fields of work and of learning that helped to guide me in the rest of my studies as well as my subsequent professional life.

With this memory in mind, when our director Bernardo asked the department of Educational Services and Activities to design a programme of global internship placements for the museum, I took on this task with a lot of enthusiasm.

The project required the programme of internship placements to consider the training needs of the students as well as the necessary educational function of a museum. The goals that we fixed for ourselves were for it to respond to a firm commitment by the museum to collaborate in an active way in the training of future professionals; and that it promoted learning through experience in the professional fields developed in the museum, by providing the students from various training paths with the possibility of learning from the everyday professional practice and therefore to improve their skills for entering the labour market.

We therefore worked on a proposal that considered:

  • Generating projects of internship placements in various departments of the museum in which the students chosen would collaborate closely with the rest of the members of the team, having a clear definition of what their duties and responsibilities are in the museum. Also, each student would depend on a person in charge within the department, who would be charged with watching over and ensuring their training and internship project.
  • Offering the students internal training sessions that allow them to get to know the functioning of the museum in depth, beyond more than just the field chosen, as well as also offering visits to other museum institutions of the city, to be defined according to the profiles and fields of interest of the students.
  • Providing a situation of coexistence of various internship students at the same time, in such a way that between them there is also an exchange of experiences and mutual enrichment.
  • Also generating a situation of exchange of inter-generational knowledge, with the students providing the professionals of the museum with their points of view and new conceptions.

This 2014-15 course we have launched the first call, that initially offers four internship placements in the departments of Restoration and Preventive Conservation, Exhibitions, Centre of Documentation and Research, and Educational Services and Activities. We hope in the next course to be able to enlarge the offer of places, but this year we have preferred to start slowly and to learn with the students of how to improve this project.

Obra de la exposición "Picasso ante Degas"

Conservation work during the set up of an exhibition

We encourage the students interested to present their candidature, and from our side we can already say that they will be very welcome and well-received in the museum and that we will be working on ensuring the fact that their stay in the museum is an enriching and significant experience.

Anna Guarro

Responsible for the Educational Services and Activities

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