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Last academic year we presented a new educational proposal for the students that visit us within the framework of the field trips programmed by schools and institutes, a proposal you can read about in this article in the blog and that, after this first course, we rate highly in terms of how it helps us to work on the relationship between the students and the works of art.

art aprenentatge_01

Introducing the new educational proposal

The aim of this text is not, however, to make an evaluation of the methodological changes applied, but to explore how some changes boost others… and these provide us with unexpected benefits!

In this sense, last year we wanted to communicate very well the methodological changes we would make to the main people involved, that is, the teachers that were going to bring in their students. So we set off to reaching the maximum number of teachers so that they would be very well acquainted with the visit beforehand and how they could take advantage of it so as to boost the work with their pupils.

art aprenentatge_02

Teachers attending the presentation of the educational program

That’s why, on planning the usual presentation of the educational programme that we do at the beginning of each course with the teachers, we decided to do instead several training sessions which were more tailor-made. We proposed doing trimestral presentations and to invite the teachers who had booked one of our activities during the term, to attend.

We have also improved our availability, and offer three sessions: one on Wednesday afternoon, the other on Thursday afternoon (6.00pm) and a third on Saturday morning (10:30am), for the teachers from outside the city or with greater availability during the weekend.

art aprenentatge_03

Examples of works that we have worked with during the program

The change was notable: of around 25-30 teachers who came before, in the last course more than 90 teachers attended the explanatory sessions.

This change not only allowed us to provide information for more teachers and therefore facilitate their educational task and to get the most out of the experience of the children: but it also allowed us to keep in permanent contact with the teachers, in an enjoyable environment in which we ourselves also learnt about their interests and needs, which as in all professional settings are undergoing permanent change and evolution.

art aprenentatge_03 (2)

Teachers attending the presentation of the educational program

This also allowed us to share information and resources about how to work on the contents of the visit beforehand and afterwards, and to share proposals and some “tips and hints” of teachers from one session with those of others.

This course we would like to repeat the experience, and we would very much like all those teachers who foresee bringing your students to join us. If you haven’t come before, we very much believe we can provide you with useful information, and that your questions will help us to reflect on different things. For those of you who have already come, we would like to be able to share your evaluation of the experience.

art aprenentatge_04

Presentation of “Art, a learning tool” (L’art una eina d’aprenentatge)

The dates for the first term are already fixed and you should receive the invitation this week, by email: but, so that you can have them on hand, they are, Thursday 25/09/14, at 6.00pm; Saturday 04/10/14, at 10:30am; and Wednesday 08/10/14, at 6.00pm. You can confirm by mail to museupicasso_educacio@bcn.cat.

We look forward to seeing you!

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