Ask a Curator, notes about the 2014 edition

On September 17th the initiative through Twitter Ask a Curator was once again held, and that now makes it the 4th Edition! Year after year the figures for participation have continued to grow, and this year was no exception. More than 700 museums from more than 40 countries have joined this activity that promotes questions and answers between cultural and public institutions under the hashtag #AskACurator, so as to place at the reach of everyone the knowledge not only of the curators of the centres, but also of the rest of the workers who manage the centres and institutions on a day-to-day basis.

Ask a Curator 2014

At the level of contents various questions and answers were repeated from previous years: the activity of the museums and centers in the digital world, specific questions about pieces of collections, the educational activities carried out in the centers, the specific work and education of the curators, the organization of the exhibitions, etc. However, the fact that each year new countries and institutions join the list makes the variety of answers and points of view even more enriching. In total 13,000 different users participated who did more than 47,500 tweets.

As follows we leave you with a small selection of the questions and answers from amongst the thousands which were made!

To find out about the exact figures, the participating museums and the history of this meeting in Twitter we recommend you visit the blog of @MarDixon, the organiser of this year’s event. The next edition will be on September 16th 2015. We’ll be waiting for you!

Cristina Martín

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