5 years of the blog of the Museu Picasso!

We are celebrating the fact that 5 years ago we started to publish articles on the blog of the museum. And a lot has happened in 5 years. The technology and the informative consumption habits have been changing and from the museum we have tried to keep adapting to the realities of each moment.

5 anys

A major part of the main functions that have been attributed to the blogs for some years now have migrated to other digital media such as Twitter or Facebook, which allow a more extensive and viral diffusion. In this sense, the personal blogs are those which have suffered more from these changes (in some cases being abandoned or closed), and the institutional blogs or those related to expert personalities have maintained their presence, even though they have redefined their uses.

A bit of history

The blog of the museum was inaugurated on May 21st 2009 and was initially made up of three platforms, one for each of the languages we manage. Subsequently, a unification was carried out to include them on a unique platform in three languages which allowed the translations and images to be more easily managed. Also, over time, changes in the design have been carried out, as well as in the contents and publication time, in accordance with the goals of the museum, the tendencies and the uses the readers make of it.

The initial aim of the contents of the blog was to explain the functioning of the museum from the inside, some interiorities regarding the museological functioning that until that moment weren’t so accessible to the public. And it was initially a unifying factor of our 2.0 task that took on its own force.

Currently, with a now more informed audience, we are trying to combine these types of articles with others about Picassian topics, about the museum’s activities and above all with more graphic and visual articles which allow the reader to choose which topics to look at in more depth through links to material of our website, from other sites in the Internet and from the blog itself, which has become a very enriching store of information.

At an internal level it is understood as a space for the public with a high level of readings in which information about the exhibitions can be published as well as research based around the collection. The value contributed by the creation and diffusion of these types of contents by far surpasses the work signified by a publishing calendar or 1-2 articles per week in three languages.


The articles in figures

Over these past 5 years we have published a total of 295 articles per language (Catalan, Spanish and English). They are articles by different authors inside and outside the museum, with varied contents, images, labels and categories. From this total of articles we have wanted to highlight the following figures:

· The 1st article: The Night of the Picasso, an article about the celebration of the Night of the Museums 5 years ago. Currently it has accumulated 20,000 visits.

· Categories with more articles: the category which counts on more articles is that of activities with 105 posts published. Usually each article is located in more than one category given that there are transversal contents in which different departments from the museum intervene, which means it is not possible to define just one category. The ranking is therefore as follows:

105 articles of activities
87 articles about exhibitions
83 articles about the collection
64 articles about 2.0 museum
43 articles about education
33 articles about museology
30 articles about visitors
29 articles about management
28 articles about communication
26 article about Picasso and Barcelona
22 articles about restoration
21 articles about research
17 articles about publications
16 articles about documentation
14 articles about historical curiosity
5 articles about artistic creation

· The most read articles: it is difficult to calculate which is the most read article, given the fact that the factor of time also intervenes which means that the number of visits are accumulated, and not always in a proportional way. Here we propose a selection of the most read articles, by categories, with an average of around 25,000 readings per language:
Anecdotes and impressions of the 50th anniversary
Changes in the Collection of the Museu Picasso
The inhabitants of the museum: Blanquita Suárez
What to do in the summer at the Museu Picasso
The Mystery of the Tilted Picture
How to set up a Big Draw (Museu Picasso-style)
The Museu Picasso’s 2011 in images
Museums and the Web in 10 Flashes
Love at First Sight: how we select the catalogue’s cover
The Museu Picasso wins a Best of the Web 2010 award for the most innovative social networks project


And from now on, what’s next?
With the constant technological changes it is difficult to foresee what will happen over the next 5 years! What we do know for sure is that from the museum we will do our best to adapt to the changes and continue to offer quality contents through all our channels of diffusion.

Cristina Martín
Social Media

  • Conxa Rodà
    May 21, 2014

    Felicitaaaaats ex-company@s!
    Sembla q fa quatre dies q el vam començar amb il.lusió i ara ja quina trajectòria més llarga i bona!
    Per molts més anys de blogs i de totes les eines digitals q vindran i que ens permetin seguir connectant amb els públics.

  • Museu Picasso
    May 22, 2014

    Moltes gràcies Conxa de part de tot l’equip del museu! 🙂

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