The Museum Week on Twitter: #MuseumWeek 2014

Last week was Museum Week on Twitter, an initiative that gathered together museums throughout Europe, especially from the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Italy. The activity could be followed through the hashtag #MuseumWeek with the aim of getting these institutions and their contents close to more connected citizens.


From Monday to Sunday tweets, organised by daily topics, were sent. Here is a selection from the many that reached us:

Monday March 24th: #DayInTheLife

It is not very common to explain the day-to-day life of the museums, what’s done behind closed doors, the most typical activities and often the most forgotten. Under this tag the centres from all over the world published articles, photographs, and revealed ”intimacies”.

Tuesday March 25th: #MuseumMastermind

Testing out the wisest minds! Through this tag a series of questions and answers were sent, with great participation from both sides, the audiences and the museums.


Wednesday March 26th: #MuseumMemories

Under this tag a box of memories was opened up both of the users who evoked their first visit or the exhibition they liked most, or of the institutions who remembered historic events.

Thursday March 27th: #BehindTheArt

What buildings are hidden behind the museum? Sometimes the works of art are not only on the walls, but also the walls themselves! Also with this tag, information was tweeted related to spaces usually not open to the public.

Friday March 28th: #AskTheCurator

And of course we couldn’t forget… a day dedicated to questions for experts, very much like the #AskaCurator initiative, that celebrated its third edition this year. During the day specific questions were asked about the exhibitions, the restoration of the pieces, the educational management, etc.

Saturday March 29th: #MuseumSelfies

Selfie is without doubt the word of the year and taking photos of yourself, in both the most usual places as well as in the most unlikely ones, is the latest fashion with mobile devices. Inherited from the #MuseumSelfie day, organised in January of this year, the aim has been to collect photos that the visitors have done inside and outside the museums.


Selfie in front of the work by Folkert de Jong during the inauguration of the exhibition “Post-Picasso. Contemporary reactions”. Photo: Josep Maria Llobet

Sunday March 30th: #GetCreative

As the tag states, this day was dedicated to the imagination and creativity that could be contained in 140 characters.  From the museum we did a little exercise to know what came to mind amongst the visitors when they thought of Picasso and in paintings such as The Doves or Las Meninas.



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