Family workshop of contemporary reactions to Picasso

Based on the exhibition “Post-Picasso. Contemporary reactions”, which can currently be visited in the galleries of the museum, we are holding the family workshop “You create, he creates, we create…”, in which we explore artistic creation through sculpture.


Visit to the exhibition “Post-Picasso. Contemporary reactions”

First of all we do a guided visit of the temporary exhibition to see the works of contemporary artists who interpret the significance of Picasso’s production. Once the visit is over, the whole family participates in the creation of a sculpture, incorporating everything they have liked about the exhibition. These are the results!


The monitors explain the activity and now it’s time to get down to work!


The contours of the head are drawn on cardboard and once it’s been cut out they can start working on the sculpture.


Papers, marker pens, stickers, tops, fabric, all types of materials are valid for exploring the creativity of the little and big artists.

In this album you can see all the photos of the workshop of February 22nd. If you want to participate, we’ll be doing more workshops in April!

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