Masks and drawings in Sant Joan de Déu

The museum has been collaborating since 2010 (and we hope to continue to do so for many years to come!) with Barcelona’s children hospital, the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, through its department of volunteers, carrying out activities with the children resident in the hospital.

Mural St Joan de Déu 2014

This year we have once again commissioned the design of the mural for the XXXVII Drawing Contest of the hospital and that for this year the topic is “The worldupside down”. The museum has taken the commitment to commission this mural, which serves both as inspiration to children and as promotion of the drawing contest, to a different artist for each edition, and for 2014 it has been charged to the illustrator Arianne Faber. The contest is organized in categories according to age groups, and a jury will award the best drawings. The winners will be announced during the Festa de Sant Joan de Déu, which will be celebrated on March 8th.

Furthermore, we will continue holding the mask workshop given by Maja Cecuk which takes place two Wednesdays a month, from 5.30 to 6.30pm. The masks of the workshop start from the idea of cutting out a flat piece of card which is folded to give it volume, as can be found in examples of the masks of Picasso created between 1955 and 1961, cut out from a simple piece of cardboard.

The creation of these masks requires a lot of effort and the masks are a trophy that brighten up the walls of the children’s rooms and when they return home become a positive memory of their time of recovery.

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