The changes to the Collection this January

This week we have started to make new changes to the permanent Collection of the museum that will be carried out throughout the month of January. This renovation includes the rotation of pieces that have to rest for reasons of preventive conservation, the temporary loan of works to other exhibitions, and the restructuring of the exhibition space so that the tour of the exhibition maintains a coherent discourse.  As follows we will explain the changes, gallery by gallery:

Gallery 1: On the occasion of the third exhibition of the fiftieth anniversary, “50 years of the Museu Picasso in Barcelona: The Exhibitions”, the oil painting Self-portrait, painted in 1896, will move from the galleries of the Collection to the temporary exhibition and in its place you will be able to see some other self-portraits.

MPB 110.063MPB 110.205

Pablo Picasso. Self-portrait. 1896. Oil on canvas. 46.5 x 31.5 cm. MPB 110.063 | Pablo Picasso. Self-portrait. 1896. Oil on wood. 22.1 x 13.7 cm. MPB 110.205

Gallery 2: The Portrait of Aunt Pepa is back in this gallery, after being gone during 2013, when it was first on loan to the exhibition “Picasso of Malaga. The early works” at the Museo Picasso Málaga and subsequently it was shown in the exhibition “50 years of the Museu Picasso in Barcelona: The Collection”.

la tia Pepa

Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Aunt Pepa. June-July 1896. Oil on canvas. 57.5 x 50.5 cm. MPB 110.010

Gallery 3: In this space changes will take place in the central display cabinet to include oils on wood, drawings on cardboard, and sketches contained in the sketchbooks about people and landscapes of Madrid.

MPB 110.160MPB 110.810R

Pablo Picasso. “Salón del Prado”. 1897. Oil on wood. 10 x 15.5 cm. MPB 110.160 | Pablo Picasso. “Carmen” and other characters. 05/02/1898. Conté crayon and graphite pencil on laid hand-made paper with watermark . 31.3 x 48 cm. MPB 110.810R

Gallery 4: This gallery shows, as usual, works related to the Quatre Gats period and also it displays the drawing Sebastianus III König along with a drawing of Picasso’s sister, which will accompany the already exhibited oil Lola, the Artist’s Sister, in the Studio of Riera de Sant Joan.

MPB_070.809Lola, germana de l'artista

Pablo Picasso. Sebastianus III König. Barcelona, 1899-1900. Graphite pencil, blue pencil and watercolour on paper subsequently varnished. 21 x 16 cm. MPB 70.809 |Pablo Picasso. Lola, the Artist’s Sister, in the Studio of Riera de Sant Joan. 1900. Oil on canvas. 55.5 x 45.5 cm. MPB 110.054

Gallery 5: Keeping up the theme of works created in Barcelona between 1899 and 1900, dedicated to poster making and the collaborations with the press, the gallery will renew its pieces. Also, some drawings from the sketchbook of Carnival will be added.

MPB 110.883RMPB_112.954_2010_12_20

Pablo Picasso. Study for the Poster “Carnival 1900”. End of 1899. Charcoal on laid hand-made paper. 62 x 42.7 cm. MPB 110.883R | Pablo Picasso. To Be or Not to Be. 1900. Charcoal on laid and-made paper. 29.5 x 40 cm. MPB 112.954

Gallery 6: The work Fairground Stall will changes its location from gallery 7 to gallery 6.  In this gallery it will also be possible to see the pastel painting from 1900 A Burial in the Country along with a new page from the sketchbook from Paris.

barraca de firaMPB 110.233
Pablo Picasso. Fairground Stall. 1900. Oil on canvas. 38.1 x 46.3 cm. MPB 113.113|Pablo Picasso. A Burial in the Country. 1900. Pastel on paper. 24 x 30.6 cm. Donation 18509, 1970. MPB 110.233

Gallery 7: In this gallery the works are once again together of The Wait (Margot), The Dwarf and Still Life: outstanding pieces of the assimilation of European avant-garde that Picasso did during his two trips to Paris.

MargotNatura mortaLa Nana MPB 4.274

Pablo Picasso. The Wait (Margot). 1901. Oil on cardboard. MPB 4.271 | Pablo Picasso. Still Life. 1901. Oil on canvas. MPB 4.273 | Pablo Picasso. The Dwarf. 1901. Oil on cardboard. 105 x 60 x 0.4 cm. MPB 4.274

Gallery 8: In the second half of January the work  Barcelona Rooftops, that is currently a key piece in the exhibition “Journey Through The Blue: La Vie“, will be back on display in the central space of this gallery dedicated to the Blue Period of the artist. The Woman with Bonnet will also return, which has formed part of the fiftieth anniversary exhibition related with the Collection of the museum.

Obra de Picasso "Terrats de Barcelona" 112.943 MPBMPB 112.750MPB 110.015
Pablo Picasso. Barcelona Rooftops. 1902-1903. Oil on canvas. 71 x 111 cm. MPB 112.943 | Pablo Picasso. Woman with Bonnet. 1901. Oil on canvas. 41 x 33 cm. MPB 112.750 | Pablo Picasso. Old woman, Seated. June 1903. Pastel and charcoal on cardboard (folder cover). 60 x 40 cm. MPB 110.015

In the side galleries changes in the works will also take place. In the right-hand part, for reasons of conservation, drawings on paper will be removed and new drawings from the Blue Period will be included.  On the left side, the work Female Nude will be exhibited along with other works related to the drawings in the painted wood frame of the mirror and Cupid Hunting a Bird.

MPB 110.021MPB 110.002MPB 110.514

Pablo Picasso. Female nude. 1903. Oil on canvas. 62.2 x 34 cm. MPB 110.021 | Pablo Picasso. Allegorical Scenes. 1902-1903. Oil on wood. 122.8 x 82 cm. MPB 110.002 | Pablo Picasso. Cupid Hunting a Bird. c. 1902. Barcelona or Paris. Coloured ink pen and watercolour on paper. 20.8 x 26.9 cm. MPB 110.514

Galleries B1 and B2: In the galleries devoted to Jaume Sabartés, intimate friend of Picasso and founder of the museum, some drawings and documents will be changed, but the Portrait of Jaume Sabartés with Ruff and Cap will remain.

Gallery 13: Along with the galleries 12 and 14, these make up the spaces of the museum dedicated to the series of Las Meninas. In this case, the Infanta Margarita María will be moved to the exhibition “50 years of the Museu Picasso in Barcelona: The Exhibitions” and in its place another portrait of the infanta, which is currently in the gallery but in another location, will be exhibited.

Las meninas. Infanta Margarita MaríaLas Meninas MPB 70.434

Pablo Picasso. Las Meninas (infanta Margarita María). 1957. Oil on canvas. MPB 70.459 | Pablo Picasso. Las Meninas (infanta Margarita María). 20/08/1957. Oil on canvas. 100 x 81 cm. . MPB 70.434. Donation 18509, 1968

Gallery 15: The work Jacqueline Seated in an Armchair, temporarily loaned from a private collection, will leave and be replaced by the Portrait of Jacqueline painted by Picasso in 1957, which will also change its location. A lithograph of La Californie will also be exhibited.

Retrat de JacquelineEl taller de Canes
Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Jacqueline. 1957. Oil on canvas. MPB 70.489 | Pablo Picasso. The Cannes studio. Cannes, 13rd November, 1955. Lithographic crayon (with frottage) on transfer paper, transferred to stone, printed on paper. Gift of Jaume Sabartés, 1962. MPB 70.079

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