A retrospective look: 50 years of exhibitions in the Museu Picasso

The first temporary exhibition that was held in our museum was in 1971 and it  gathered together the works of Picasso that were conserved in the collection of his close friend Manolo Hugué. Since that first exhibition, which only lasted a week, until the latest one entitled “Journey Through the Blue: La Vie“, inaugurated in October 2013, a lot of exhibitions have been held. In total, 79 have been presented, with very different formats, themes and durations, and they are summed up in the third and last exhibition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the museum “50 Years of the Museu Picasso in Barcelona. The Exhibitions“.
50 anys_en

The continual work, more systemitezed since the end of the eighties, and the celebration of the 50th anniversary have allowed us to stop and take a retrospective look at what these exhibitions have signified throughout these years for the museum and for our public.

Picasso davant DegasLlibre digital exposició Objectes Vius

Exhibition “Picasso Looks at Degas“, 2010. Museu Picasso, Barcelona.  Photographer: La Fotogràfica| Bridging physical impossibilities of transport and preservation: Display for the exhibition “Living Things: Picasso Figure” / Still Life, 2008. Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona. Photographer: Ronald Stallard

We have presented major works going deeply into the production of Pablo Picasso; we have established a network of collaborations with institutions and private collectors which were essential for putting on the major exhibitions we have organized; we have counted on the collaboration of a major part of the essential scholars in the field of knowledge about Picasso and the art of the 20th century; we have worked with some of the best professionals in the field of conservation and exhibition design and we have applied the latest technical innovations for spreading and presenting the works in the most suitable way.

Catàlegs de les exposicions

View of the exhibition gallery. Photographer: Josep Maria Llobet

The work carried out throughout these years, with more or less economic and human resources, is presented in the exhibition in a very visual way: photos of the setting up, the posters and catalogues of the exhibitions, and the information sheets of each of them that bear witness to everything that can be achieved with effort and enthusiasm that has led us during these years. In the same way, it opens the door to many other exhibitions that are yet to be organized. The world of Picasso is still today a bottomless well and many things remain to be said.

Montse Torras

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  • juan Rafel Gomez R
    January 31, 2014

    Cordial saludo. Les escribo desde Bogot`a y quisiera solocitarles me informaran de la existencia en el año 1.933 de la directora curadora Margarita Ferrer, quien certifica unos grabados litograficos de la coleccion suite vollard , nombre escultor y modelo con toro. asi como su autenticidad. Mil gracias

  • Museu Picasso
    January 31, 2014

    Buenos días Juan Rafel. Todas las autentificaciones de obra se han hecho a través de la Administración Picasso de París. Un saludo

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