10 proposals for exploring the Museu Picasso these Holidays

Take advantage of the Christmas holidays to enjoy an infinite number of activities offered by the city of Barcelona.  From the museum we propose s10 ideas to discover our exhibition galleries, the activities we offer and the picassian sites of the city for the big and small ones to enjoy themselves during these festive days:

1. Exhibition “Journey through the blue: La Vie”: this exhibition allows us to see in Barcelona La Vie, a leading painting from Picasso’s Blue Period.  It aims to establish the connections between La Vie and some of the drawings from the collection of the Museu Picasso related to this work, as well as with the image hidden under Rooftops of Barcelona.

Catalogue "Journey through the Blue: La Vie"

Cover of the exhibition catalogue “Journey through the Blue: La Vie” | David Douglas Duncan. Picasso signing his works, 1960. 50 x 60 cm. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. Gift of David Douglas Duncan, 2013 © David Douglas Duncan 2013

2. Exhibition “The donation of David Douglas Duncan”: Duncan, a war photojournalist and Picasso’s friend, has wanted to pay homage to him on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the museum and has made a donation of 163 photographs of the life and artistic processes of the artist. This exhibition shows a selection taken in La Californie, Picasso’s house in Cannes.

3. Work Jacqueline seated in an armchair: take advantage of the last days to see this oil painting, located in gallery 15 of the museum and temporarily loaned from a private collection.  The piece was also shown in the exhibition “Picasso ceramics. Jacqueline’s gift to Barcelona”.

Pablo Picasso. Jacqueline Seated in a Armchair. February 26th, 27th, 28th- March 1st, 1964. Oil on canvas. Private collection ©Sucesión Pablo Picasso, VEGAP, Madrid 2013

4. Guided tours to the permanent and temporary exhibitions: the best way to really get to know the Collection of the museum and our the temporary exhibitions.

Guided tours

5. Consult the online catalogue: whether you want to prepare a visit or want additional information afterwards, you can consult information about the Collection in the online version of the catalogue of the museum.  Don’t miss either the mini-sites of the temporary exhibitions, which will help you to prepare your visit.


6. Restoration of sculptural fragments from the courtyards of the museum: two pieces of cut stone located in the Palau Aguilar have been restored recently and displayed so they can be appreciated better. You can also do a virtual tour of the different courtyards of the palaces that make up the museum and discover the details hidden there.

7. Virtual tour of the Barcelona of Picasso: if you feellike strolling through our city, you can do this tour on foot to find the hidden spots of the city related to Picasso, his life and his work.

Small piece prior to restoration with an angelic musician | Map of the Barcelona of Picasso

8. Christmas workshop “Picasso and Music”: workshop in which we explore the presence of musical instruments in Picasso’s work, carried out jointly with the Museu de la Música and designed for children of 6 years old onwards.

9. Buy the admission tickets online: we have improved the online purchasing service to ensure you can do the purchase in the most practical way possible. And in this way you also avoid queues!

10. Give Articket BCN and the carnet of the Museu Picasso as a gift: a practical and cultural idea for a present this Christmas to visit the museum throughout the year at a very affordable price.


The team of the museum wishes you a Very Merry Christmas!!!

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