This spring’s changes to the Collection

During this month of May we are carrying out new changes in the works exhibited in the Collection. In some cases, as for example the works on paper, the changes are being done for reasons of preventive conservation, but we are also taking advantage of these modifications to be able to show all the wealth of the Collection following a coherent expositive discourse and bringing to light works which perhaps are not so well known from these periods of Picasso.

Visitants a les sales del museu

Visitors in the galleries of the Collection

Here we present the most representative new items with regard to the works exhibited:

Gallery 1: We have changed the academic studies that Picasso did during his studies. The oldest date back to 1890, when Picasso was 9 years old. We also have in this room some small format works of the trip that Picasso made to Malaga in 1895.

Gallery 2: The works of the First Communion and Mountain Landscape are maintained and some works and sketches are incorporated, related to religious scenes such as Three Altar Boys Singing.

academic studiesacadèmia

Academy study. Arm (copy of a plaster cast) . Pablo Picasso. 1894. Charcoal and onté crayon on paper. 45 x 34 cm. MPB 110.843 | Academy study. Head of a faun (copy of a plaster cast). Pablo Picasso, 1894. Charcoal and onté crayon on paper. 50,5 x 48,3 cm. MPB 110.875

Gallery 3: The central display case has been enriched with works on paper related to the stay of Picasso in Horta de Sant Joan, such as Market Scene and also a sketchbook (of which different pages will be shown) with sketches and drawings of inhabitants of Horta and also of his friend Manuel Pallarès.

Horta de Sant JoanManuel Pallarès, Horta de Sant JoanHorta de Sant JoanHorta de Sant Joan

Peasant in the Countryside. Pablo Picasso, 1898. Conté crayon on white paper. 24,2 x 31,8 cm. MPB 110.774 | Portrait of Manuel Pallarès, in Profile. Pablo Picasso, 1898-1899. Conté crayon on paper. 21,8 x 15,6 cm. MPB 110.730 | Boy, and Figure Sketches. Pablo Picasso, 1898-1899. Conté crayon on paper. 32,2 x 24,5 cm. MPB 110.786R | Market Scene. Pablo Picasso, 1898-1899. Oil on canvas subsequently attached to wood. 19,3 x 28 cm. MPB 110.080

Gallery 4: A complete wall has been reserved for the “Spanish tradition” with two portraits in the style of El Greco and the Copy of a portrait of Felip IV, painted by Velázquez around 1653, amongst others, and also more sketchbooks of the artist have been added. Another part of the gallery is also dedicated to portraits related to the Quatre Gats, exhibiting the Portrait of Joan Vidal i Ventosa.

Copy of a portrait of Felip IV, painted by Velázquez around 1653. Pablo Picasso, 1897-1898. Oil on canvas. 54,2 x 46,7 cm. MPB 110.017 | Portrait of Joan Vidal i Ventosa. Pablo Picasso, 1899-1900. Charcoal, black pencil and wash on paper. 47,5 x 28 cm. MPB 70.802

Gallery 5: Located in this gallery is the Fairground Stall. We also exhibit a different page of the Paris Sketchbook of 1900.

Gallery 7: From June onwards the work The Dwarf will be exhibited again, accompanying the oil painting The Wait (Margot) that can currently be seen in the gallery.

Can-can Dancer. Pablo Picasso, 1901. Pen and Indian ink and watercolour on paper. 17 x 11,5 cm. MPB 4.774 | Fairground Stall. Pablo Picasso, 1900. Oil on canvas. 38,1 x 46,3 cm. MPB 113.113

Gallery 8: Dedicated to Picasso’s blue period, in the central section you can once again see the work Barcelona Rooftops that had temporarily been loaned to the exhibition “Lights of Bohemia. Artists, gypsies and the definition of the modern world” of the Mapfre Foundation of Madrid.


Barcelona Rooftops. Pablo Picasso, 1902. Oil on canvas. 58,5 x 60,8 cm. MPB 110.020 | Harlequin. Pablo Picasso, 1917. Oil on canvas. MPB 10.941

Gallery 9: The work Harlequin has been loaned temporarily to the exhibition “Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes, 1909-1929: When Art Danced with Music” of the National Gallery of Art of Washington until September of this year. In this galley you can see the works Gored Horse and Womanwith mantilla.

Galleries 12-13-14: This is the space dedicated to the series of Las Meninas, that from June onwards will once again count on the whole series of the complete works.

Las MeninasPainter workingt

Las Meninas. Pablo Picasso 1957. Oil on canvas. 194 x 260 cm. MPB 70.433 | Painter working. Pablo Picasso, 1965. Oil and Ripolin on canvas. MPB 70.810

Galleries B1and B2: In these galleries the work related to Jaume Sabartés, friend of Picasso and founder of the museum, is exhibited.

Gallery 16: The work Painter working moves to form part of the temporary exhibition of the museum “Yo Picasso. Self-Portraits” that will be inaugurated on May 31st.

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