The “self” and the self-portrait in the Reading Club

For the final session of this year’s club, we counted on the presence of Eduard Vallès, curator of the exhibition “Yo Picasso. Self-portraits”. He was responsible for relating the obsession of the artist with his own image, an obsession that always accompanied him, with our reading, I’m not me, performance and the new spectators, by Estrella de Diego.

Portada del llibre

The book, in fact, provides certain keys for an updated vision of the Picassian project, and allows us to understand our world, in which intimacy is substituted by the exempted, in which the “autobiographical shift” has been seen to be accompanied by an authentic explosion of literary and artistic self-representations, or simply graphical ones (in photoblogs, in social networks etc.).

It’s probably been the most difficult reading of the last three years of the Reading Club.  But it’s also been one of the most stimulating.

Jordi  Carrión

With this last reading we bring to a close the third season of the Club and we also say farewell to Jordi Carrión as coordinator of the activity.  From the museum we would like to pass on our thanks to him for the excellent work and for the professionalism and dedication with which he has carried out the sessions, and we wish him all the best with his future projects.

Very shortly we will communicate the name of the new coordinator of the Club, as well as the readings for the next season. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you again!  In the meantime, have a great summer!

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