Picasso, the potter of the Mediterranean tradition

On April 27th, the exhibition “Picasso céramiste et la Méditerranée” was inaugurated in the Chapelle des Pénitents Noirs, the art centre of the town of Aubagne restored in 2011.

Exhibit ceramics Aubagne

Opening of the ceramics exhibition

Curated by Joséphine Matamoros and Bruno Gaudichon, it is an important representation of the work of Pablo Picasso in this creative field, with around 150 works practically all of them unique pieces not produced in series, presenting diverse techniques, from tiles, cooking pots and broken fragments with drawings by Picasso, to jugs and plates that the artist made in the pottery workshop of the Ramié family in Vallauris and ending up with extraordinary pieces of a sculptural nature that he also modelled. There are pieces that have never been presented in public before.

Exhibit ceramics AubagneExhibit ceramics Aubagne

Attendees during the opening of the exhibition

The careful setting up of the presentation allows the visual comparison of different pieces at the same time and the contemplation of the back of the plates or the possibility of seeing them in 360º from all the perspectives, many of them also being lit from below.

Exhibit ceramics Aubagne

Some of the ceramic pieces. Photos: Mark Munari

The Museu Picasso has loaned two works from our collection of ceramics, Bullfight and Fish (1957) and Three Nudes on Dark Ground (1948), which were recently exposed in our museum in the exhibition “Picasso Ceramics. Jacqueline’s gift to Barcelona”, also centered in Picasso’s passion with pottery and the Mediterranean tradition.

It is one of the major events included in the year Marseilles/Provence 2013 European Capital of Culture and it will have a second stage in the National Museum of Sèvres – City of Ceramics, close to Paris, from the end of November onwards.

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