The lizards of Juan Marsé in the Reading Club

Testimony of the years in which Rabos de lagartija is situated (Lizard tails, the novel by Juan Marsé which was the focus of the latest session of our Reading Club) the professor and poet Lluís Izquierdo led us through the Barcelona of the Franco period like an authentic guide.

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The conversation about the orphan protagonist, the brilliant ambiguity from the narrative point of view, the importance of the cinema, the topographic reconstruction of the memory, the abusive police, the seductive mother and the overall effect of the narrative work of Marsé was entertaining, interesting and full of anecdotes.  It couldn’t have been otherwise, if you take into account the fact that Izquierdo is a contemporary and friend of the writer.

The temporal question was in particular one of the important ones of the evening. Not only for historical questions (the civil war, the urban transformations, the chronology itself of the fiction, the biographies of the characters), but also the contrast between that period and ours.  A period in which the unions were still powerful, in which the neighbourhood cinemas and the tebeos (the children’s comics) formed part of the sentimental education of the youths, in which the technology of entertainment didn’t yet condition the people’s lives.

For the next meeting we will be radically changing the field, and for the first time we will be tackling the textual production of Pablo Picasso himself, with Textos españoles (Spanish texts).

Jordi Carrión

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