Reflecting on drawing in the Reading Club

On yet another Thursday, we met up to discuss a new book in the Reading Club of the museum. This time it was the turn of Berger on Drawing by John Berger, in relation to the activity of the Big Draw, la Festa del Dibuix that took place this last month of October.

Cover of the book "Berger on Drawing"

The book, as well explained by Lali Bosch, professor of philosophy and curator of exhibitions, and in this case leader of the session, is a collection of texts from various genres done by Berger himself, in which the complexity and the importance of all the topics dealt with make it a book of reflexive reading, and one that is paused and at the same time enriching.

In the first part, Lali Bosch made us participate in her reflections about the texts of the book, about the drawing and about the author who she knows well.  Among other ideas, she highlighted the fact that Berger knows how to draw because he knows how to listen, and this turns him into a good sketcher and a lover of drawings.  The author has the capacity of perceiving and capturing everything outside himself.  And in this aspect he coincides with Picasso in the way that he also uses the idea of the copy for capturing the essence of the things that surround him.

During the session the importance was highlighted of the drawing as a sentimental fact and as a temporal element, especially linked to the drawing that Berger did of his father.  The drawing is produced thinking that in the future we will be able to return to our origins, we will be able to return in the precise moment that the drawing represents.

Among other topics dealt with, these also included the importance of drawing in pedagogy, in learning and how it is applied, or not applied, in the diverse aspects of art, writing, painting, etc.  In this sense, one of the readings also underlined the difference given by Berger to drawing and to painting: the first as a more reflective, more private act, and the second, as an external demonstration, like a disguise.

The next reading club of Thursday 13th December will be Contra el Guernica (Against Guernica) by Antonio Saura, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Guernica and of the painting by Picasso. We will talk with Antoni Marí, poet, essayist and Professor of Art Theory from the Pompeu Fabra University.

Cristina Martín
Community manager

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