The city of marvels of Picasso in the Reading Club

Almost without realising it, we have reached the third course of the Reading Club.  It seems like yesterday.  The most loyal ones, and some new incorporations, met up last Thursday (this year it will be the second Thursday of the month) to discuss The city of marvels by Eduardo Mendoza.

The city of marvels. Eduardo Mendoza

The novel conserves its original strength, with its audacious structure, in which the narrative level and the digressive level (essayistic and historic) are intertwined, in such a way that the adventures and malformation of Onofre Bouvila interweave with the small squalor and the great jumps forward and the corruption of Barcelona, with his humour, and also with his irony and his characters from a novel by instalments.

We coincided that if the novel continues to be totally up-to-date it is, above all, because it talks about a Barcelona that repeats its mistakes, which is explained in our change of century in the same way that Mendoza applies to the years between the two universal expositions.  The Olympic city and that of the Forum of Cultures, and even our city, today’s, which is so, so similar to that one.  Even too much so.

Berger on Drawing, by John Berger, is our next book reading for Thursday 8th November, with the participation of Eulàlia Bosch.

We continue, going forward, as always, as three years is nothing and there’s still a long way to go.

Jordi Carrión

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