Storytelling is back at the museum: the second edition of “Contes i Tocs”

Two years ago, the museum proposed to children and adults a new way of enjoying and looking at the works of the Collection through the tales and the stories that Patricia McGill and Ignasi Potrony, two storytellers with a long trajectory, constructed in the rooms with their imagination and that of all the participants.

Contes i Tocs

In that moment we posted a blog about the experience, that was very positive for the museum and for the visitors. At that time I had only recently joined the museum, and I lived it from the two points of view, and it seemed to me that it was a proposal that we could offer again.

In addition to the obvious reasons of quality of the proposal and the fact that it was very well received, there were other aspects that we evaluated that had a sense and an interest, within the framework of the evolution of the museum over these past two years, to repeat the previous experience.

Contes i Tocs 2010 edition

Contes i Tocs, 2010 edition

Contes i Tocs” proposes that we look at the works in a fixed way and to imagine, based on our observation, the stories that could be behind them. This emphasis on observing the works to enjoy them and at the same time to learn, is directly linked to the changes in methodology that we have been undertaking from the Education Service, in which the emphasis has moved towards this observation, and in the discoveries and conclusions reached through it by each visitor, and by promoting a learning based on one’s own experience and applicable to all art.

The permanent Collection of the museum is, moreover, not a very “permanent” collection: the works keep changing according to the various needs of conservation and also to explain the different moments in the evolution of the artist, and therefore to resume these tales also lets us play with the “new” collection, enriching it with the new stories that each work and each visitor generates.

Contes i Tocs 2010 editionContes i Tocs 2010 edition

Contes i Tocs, 2010 edition

And also, “last but not least”, we evaluated the suitability of recuperating an already developed project, which in terms of cost allows us to get the most out of our efforts, and offer it again to a public that has also changed; as this is an activity aimed at the smallest ones and their families, the ones from before have grown up, and to put it in marketing terms, the public has been renewed. I, for example, want to go again: two years ago I came with my older daughter, and now I’ll come back with my littleboy.

Anna Guarro
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