New Season of the Reading Club

We resume the sessions of the Reading Club that this year will be held on the second Thursday of each month.  In the third edition of this programme, we count on, amongst others, the coordination and collaboration of Jordi Carrión, who will moderate some sessions that already have a very loyal public.

Reading Club attendees, 2011-2012 Edition

Reading Club attendees, 2011-2012 Edition

Of the lines that we will be following this year, it is worth highlighting Picasso and his relation with Barcelona.  Furthermore, in these new sessions we will also talks about books related to the 50th anniversary of the museum (that we will be celebrating in 2013) as well as the commemoration of the 75 years of the painting of the Guernica that Picasso painted in relation to the bombings and about the importance of the drawing.

We are inaugurating the sessions this month of October with a novel that talks about the Barcelona in which Picasso lived: The city of marvels, by Eduardo Mendoza.

Bookmark of the Reading Club

Bookmark of the Reading Club

In November, in relation to the Big Draw, la Festa del Dibuix that we will be celebrating on the 21st October, we will talk about the book Berger on drawing, by John Berger with Lali Bosch, professor of Philosophy and curator of exhibitions.

In the month of December we will remember the bombings of Guernica and the painting by Picasso with the book by Antoni Saura Against Guernica,  presented by Antoni Marí, poet, essayist, and Professor of Art Theory, from the Pompeu Fabra University.

Guernica by Picasso

Guernica. Pablo Picasso, 1937. Oil on canvas. Museo Reina Sofía

We will begin the sessions of 2013 in January with a book about Barcelona commented by the author himself: La gran novel·la sobre Barcelona (The Grate Novel of Barcelona), by Sergi Pàmies.

The sessions of the months of February, March and April will be dedicated to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the museum.  In February we will talk about the agents who made it possible within the framework of the book by Agustí Pons El notari Raimon Noguera i el llegat de Picasso, Miró i Pau Casals (The Notary Raimon Noguera and the legacy of Picasso, Miró and Pau Casals) presented by Clàustre Rafart, curator of exhibitions of the museum.

In March we will focus on the reflection about the Barcelona of the 50s and 60s with the novel by Juan Marsé, Lizard Tails, presented by Lluís Izquierdo, poet, essayist and Professor of Spanish Literature from the University of Barcelona.

Regarding April we will talk with Malén Gual, conservator of the Collection, about the Textos españoles: 1894-1968 (Spanish texts: 1894-1968), of Pablo Picasso so as to talk about the link between the artist with Spain in general and with Barcelona in particular.

Finally, in May we will close the sessions with a reading based around the exhibition “Yo, Picasso. Self-Portraits” that will inaugurated at the end of the same month.  The work to be treated is I’m not me, by Estrella de Diego, and we will speak with the exhibition’s curator, Eduard Vallès.

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