What to do in the summer at the Museu Picasso

Will you be spending your summer holidays in Barcelona? Both if you are from the city or from outside, we propose a number of activities so that you can spend a cool time away from the heat:

Summer visitors. Photo: Jordi Mota

· Exhibition “Economy: Picasso”: the work and the commerce of the art of Picasso dedicated to the current artistic practices. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have until 2nd September and to give you a taste here are some of the fantastic photos of the exhibition.

· Exhibition “Vilató 1921-2000. Barcelona-Paris. The Road to Freedom”: the museum is one of the five venues that host this exhibition, in which we show the exhibit “People”.  During the presentation Javier Vilató, curator and son of the artist, explained the how and why of this exhibition.

Caretell exposició espai "Gent"

· Visit the medieval courtyards: during this month of July we have been carrying out a series of guided visits to the medieval courtyards where the museum is located.  As the activity has been so successful we have decided to repeat it in the autumn.  If you haven’t managed to get a place… you can visit them virtually!

· Selection of etchings from the collection: take advantage of seeing these etchings produced by Picasso between 1920 and 1940, that are part of the collection and that are not usually exhibited for reasons of conservation.

Pablo Picasso, Minotauromachy – Etching and scraping – 23/03/1935

. Articket offers us an easy and money-saving way of enjoying our proposals and many more!

You can consult all the information from anywhere with our web mobile and download the app free of charge of the collection of the museum.

Cristina Martín
Community Manager

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