Collage for adults with Gloria Vilches

This past May we held a collage workshop with Gloria Vilches within the framework of the exhibition “A collage before collage”. Four very intense sessions that led us through the history of the collage to subsequently be able to make our own works by cutting out and sticking various materials.

Album with images of the workshop

It was so well received we had to repeat the course to be able to include everyone who wanted to participate.

Participants in the workshop on the point of starting the session

Gloria Vilches started the dossier of the texts of the activity with this text:

In an interview they asked Max Ernst:

‘What is the collage? What is its mechanism? And its technique?’

To which he responded:

‘Take a coffee grinder and fill in with fine pearls, grind them, mix the dust obtained with a bit of fine butter, get angry, spread the paste on the soles of your shoes and offer this slice to the woman of your dreams.  The operation should be done with rage and ideally in a cove of a boat on wheels that goes back and forth at full speed at the East station of Montparnasse. In this way, you will have done a classic collage’.

Georges Charbonnier, “Conversation with Max Ernst” in the Monologue of the Artist, Paris, 1959
Participants in the workshop making a collage

Fine pearls well milled” was a very participative activity of which we are very happy with the results.

Cutting out and sticking | Visualising the final results

You will find more images in the Flickr album that we have created.

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  • mercèlópez
    June 14, 2012

    Participar taller collage va ser una activitat super agradable per l’ambient, la gent i la profe. Felicitats x l’iniciativa!

  • Equip d'activitats
    June 15, 2012

    Gràcies Mercè! Ens alegrem molt que hagis disfrutat participant en el taller 🙂

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