We pay homage to Picasso in the Reading Club

The last session of the Reading Club for the 2011-2012 course counted on two exceptional protagonists: Josep Palau i Fabre and Jordi Coca.

A Micro-documentary from the programme No t’ho perdis (“Don’t miss it”) on Canal 33 (Catalan TV) broadcast on Saint George’s Day about this session of the Reading Club

From the first we read “Homage to Picasso”, a play in the form of dream cabaret, which signifies the umpteenth demonstration of the fascination and interest that the painter caused on the poet, playwright, narrator and essay writer of all things Picasso.

The second showed that, apart from being a novelist and a top level man of the theatre, he is one of the maximum experts about Palau.  The conversation was erudite and agreeable, and went from the text to the historic and social context, from the life of the writer to the life of the painter, of biographical curiosities to the profound reflection about the strange relation the two creators had.

Coca highlighted Palau’s “sincere conviction that Picasso signified modernity, given the fact that Palau assumed that the change that this signified wasn’t a question of the word if not the image” and that, as in all the business decisions taken throughout his life, “the option of subjecting his work to the fascination for Picasso was vital and radical”.

A perfect end to a course full of extraordinary moments.  Or to be continued, as we’ll be back in October.

Jordi Carrión


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