‘Seen by…’: The Importance of Talking in front of the Artwork

Here at the museum we are starting a new season of ‘Seen by…’, our special programme of guided visits to the collection led by rather out-of-the-ordinary guides: we ask professional people from very different backgrounds to talk about their responses to the works on show, in terms of their particular links to their own creative endeavour and their visual and cultural imaginary. Architects, writers, circus artists, dancers, painters, photographers, scientists, poets, designers, art critics, film and theatre directors and more… a wide range of creative talents from the most varied fields have shared their perspectives and points of view, enabling us see the works with new eyes and break away from the historicist approaches that so often shape the way we engage with Pablo Picasso’s art and at times tend to alienate rather than bring us closer to it.

Seen by… Sol Picó: a vision from the world of dance

The Museu Picasso’s ‘Seen by…’ programme was launched five years ago, during which time it has been developed and modified in response to the needs and wishes of both public and museum: originally run during the spring and autumn, we subsequently decided to concentrate on the spring; in some cases we have applied the format to a temporary exhibition as well as to the permanent collection; while in the past sessions were sometimes held in the lecture room, they always take place now in the exhibition rooms; tired of competing with football on Wednesdays, we have switched to Thursdays. However, what has not changed since the first day is the spirit of the programme, centred on dialogue and the sharing of fresh readings of the artworks right in front of us.

Seen by… Mita Casacuberta: a vision from the world of philology | Seen by… Perejaume: a vision from the world of art

This last point is especially important, summing up as it does a crucial aspect of the philosophy of the museum, which underpins so much of what we do, namely that nothing can take the place of direct observation of the artworks, sharing in dialogue in front of them and enjoying them, and the fact that all of us, from our own viewpoints, can contribute new insights that enhance our appreciation of them. So, for the Museu Picasso, talking in the exhibition rooms, debating interpretations and embracing new perspectives add up to a constant enrichment of our understanding of the collection — an enrichment that comes from the contributions both of the invited guides and of the participating public.

Seen by… ESMUC: a vision from the world of music | Seen by… Lluís Reales: a vision from the world of science

The special guest guides for this new season will be Pedro Azara, aesthetic theorist and exhibition curator (now 15 March); Rosa Amorós, ceramist (28 March); Carlota Subirós, theatre director (12 April, in place of Ignasi Aballí); Marcel Escolano, circus performer (26 April); Jaume Ollé, doctor (10 May); Guillamino, musician (31 May), and Ignasi Aballí, artist (7 June). A special thanks to all of them for agreeing to come along and do something very different from usual in carrying out the demanding task of standing up in front of the public and artwork and sharing their perceptions, and to all of the guest guides who took part in previous seasons.

Anna Guarro
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