Farewell to the Picasso with photos of visitors

After more than five years at the Museu Picasso, working on a wide range of projects, but especially on matters relating to the web and social networks, it feels strange to be writing a last post here. Anyway, I thought that a good way to say goodbye would be to publish a selection of my photos of members of the public looking at works by Picasso in museums around the world. In any museum, one of the most interesting things to look at — alongside the works on show and the design and layout of the museum itself — is the public. Some time ago I started a series of albums on Flickr of the museum public: visitors looking, taking photos, talking, teaching, enjoying, interacting, reading, exploring, copying, listening, sharing and more bring to light the many forms and shades of experience in museums. And we still need to do even more to enhance the quality of this visitor experience, making it richer and more diverse.

Atlanta Museum of Art

Centre Pompidou

Museu Picasso Barcelona

Courtauld, Londres & Broklyn Museum, Nova York

MoMA, New York

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Tate Modern

We come now to the thank-yous: to all of my friends and colleagues at the Picasso, because everything we have done has been done through teamwork (yes, in just five years, we have done ten years work!); to the director, Pepe Serra, for his faith during this phase at the Picasso and in the new phase at the MNAC; to my colleagues in other museums in Barcelona, Catalonia and around the world, and especially to you blog readers, Twitter followers, Facebook friends and web users because you have been meaning to go further each day. A big thank-you to you all, and… see you at the MNAC!!

Conxa Rodà

  • Jaume Maymó
    February 9, 2012

    benvolguda CONXA, ha sigut una trista i gran sorpresa llegir aquest “darrer” post; estic trist perquè els mics del Picasso, del museu, hem quedat orfes -de pare i mare, podriem dir- i això sempre és un pal encara que l’experiència ensenya que amb el temps tot es cura (i això esperem tots!); he pogut viure des de fora la nova dinàmica del museu d’aquests darrers anys i he de felicitar un cop més a tot l’equip, a tot, pel treball que heu fet tots plegats; per mí ha sigut una experiència molt motivadora i plena de complicitats i coneixement; gràcies a tots; com a contrapunt, em fa molta il·lusió la teva darrera “invitació”: ens veiem al MNAC !; no tinc cap dubte que el nostre Museu d’Art de Catalunya tindrà un nou paper -digital també- en el mapa cultural del país i de fora. una forta abraçada i per uns nous aires a montjuïc.

  • Conxa Rodà
    February 10, 2012

    Moltes gràcies, Jaume! com deia a l’article, ha estat una autèntica tasca d’equip. Hi hem posat tot l’esforç, il·lusió i coneixement de què hem estat capaços! T’agraïm molt les teves paraules.

  • Edwin Abkarian
    February 10, 2012

    Good luck and thanks for the nice pictures.
    (Visitor Picasso museum and Picasso lover)
    From The Netherlands

  • Conxa Roda
    February 12, 2012

    Thanks so much, Edwin! you know, you can always have a look at the Museu Picasso gallery at Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/museupicassobarcelona/sets/

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