The Museu Picasso’s 2011 in images

The task of choosing the most representative images of this year that is coming to an end was far from easy. Between us, we have worked on a lot of projects! Exhibitions, activities, research and restoration, education, registrar, library, publications, communications, administration, visitor services… it’s a long list. Here, then, is just a taste of what the museum has done in 2011.

The inauguration of the Centre for Knowledge and Research on the Plaça de Jaume Sabartés. The new building has been designed and built with the idea of constituting a local and international point of reference for the study and research of Picasso and his artistic and social context. Photo: Josep M. Llobet

The second annual Big Draw. Festival of Drawing was a huge success thanks to everyone who took part: workshop organizers, artists, docents and teams from the various participating centres. Big thanks! Photo: Nuria Fradera

Visitants at Feasting on Paris“Cartoons on the Front Line” explained by the show’s curators

Visitors to the exhibition of “Feasting on Paris. Picasso 1900-1907”, which showed how the artist evolved from his arrival in Paris in 1900 until 1907 or 1908, when he was acknowledged to be the principal figure in the artistic avant-garde in the French capital. Photo: Jordi Mota

Cartoons on the Front Line” explained by the show’s curators. The exhibition was structured around two etchings from the sequence Dream and Lie of Franco. Photo: Jordi Mota

Hackers programmingDuring de conference Glam Wiki

Participants at the Europeana Hackathon held at the Museu Picasso: multicultural hackers with plenty of ideas and projects to programme.

The first get-together of representatives of the Catalan museums and Amical Viquipèdia to share quality information and best practices for collaboration.

Online search "Picasso Barcelona"

The catalogue of the museum’s library is now searchable online! And the bibliographic information you find there is easy to download.

App collection highlightsPalau Aguilar virtual courtyard

The development of content for mobile devices with highlights from the collection and a virtual tour of the museum’s courtyards, plus an audioguide in eight languages.

Students works with socksPostgraduate students visiting the museum

People taking part in the pilot project REFLEXIONART: Art Tutorials, the main aim of which is to bring together Barcelona’s cultural institutions and schools to reflect on a common theme. Presentation of the students’ work in the Museu Picasso’s exhibition rooms.

The second Postgraduate Course in Museum Management: how to make a museum work, run in collaboration with IDEC at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Documentation from fonds Sala EstevaRestoring the roof of the Palau Aguilar

The acquisition of the fonds of the Sala Esteva made it possible to create the recently opened exhibition “Picasso 1936. Traces of an Exhibition”.

Presentation of the restoration of the 16th-century polychrome printed wallpaper discovered in the Palau Aguilar. A great professional get-together.

All of us at the museum wish you a Happy New Year 2012!

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