Unsolved Mysteries at the Museu Picasso

This weekend we launched the second season of ‘The Mysterious Case of the missing Picasso’, a family treasure hunt through the galleries with plenty of intrigue.

Mateu begins his investigations (Joan Forns, from Cia. La Paparra). Photo: Jordi Mota

And we started on a high note. Here are the comments of one of the mothers who took part this weekend:

‘We went along on Sunday and it was fantastic! Really interesting and very well focused for the kids. M. who is 9 and L. who is 7 both had a great time, and as a mother I have to say that as well as enjoying themselves… they learned a lot… Please don’t change, keep it just as it is! Thank you.’

The fact is that we are very happy to be presenting this initiative again, which was first developed last spring by the theatre company La Paparra in response to our request for:

  1. Some form of treasure hunt
  2. An activity centred on the permanent collection
  3. Aimed at children aged 5 to 13 approximately, but also involving the whole family
  4. Participatory
  5. Both fun and educational

Among the keys to the success of ‘The Mysterious Case…’ are, on the one hand, the acting talents of the members of La Paparra, who really get everyone involved, and on the other, the central character, who is entirely believable, yet clearly belongs to a realm of fantasy and imagination.

Investigators in action. Photos: Jordi Mota

The activity starts with Mateu introducing himself to the group of children and parents. Mateu wants to get a job at the museum, but in order to do so he must solve a series of puzzles, and he can’t do it on his own, so he asks the visitors for their help.

The quest leads to a series of artworks in different rooms. For each one there is a question or puzzle, and when this has been explained to us, some aspect of the work itself gives us the answer or clue. Once all of the questions have been answered we have the solution to the mysterious puzzle, and all of the children receive an investigator’s card in recognition of their help.

A week or two after taking part in the quest last autumn my daughter asked me, in all seriousness, ‘Mum, what about Mateu? How’s he getting on in his new job?’

Solving the mysterious case of the Picasso. Photos: Jordi Mota

So, what’s new this time round? Nothing at all ?! Except, of course, that the quest has been adapted to the changes in the permanent collection, which despite being permanent is always different, as some works are taken down to be restored or loaned out to an exhibition and others are brought out to go on display…

If you’re one of those sleuths who take their magnifying glass with them everywhere they go… this activity is for you!

Anna Guarro
Public Programmes

  • maria jose basols
    November 15, 2011

    Me parece muy interesante las actividades que se hacen para niños y familias, como esta mezcla de gimcana e investigación.

    Me encantaría participar en alguna actividad del Museo, como guía, como animadora cultural, o mejor aún, escribiendo en el blog. Pertenezco al Club de lectura del Museu Picasso y me encantaría ser parte del museo de forma más activa.
    Voy cada miércoles por la mañana. Primero acudo como voluntaria a la Llar d’Infants del Nen Jesús que esta justo enfrente, y cuando salgo, con mi carnet del museo, no puedo resistirme a visitar alguna de las salas.

    Picasso siempre ha sido mi gran pasión.

    un saludo,

    María josé Basols

  • Museu Picasso
    November 17, 2011

    Hola María José, muchas gracias por tu interés. Ya que eres una usuaria activa de las actividades del museo te proponemos como colaboración hacer un texto para el blog como usuaria del museo y miembro del Club de Lectura. Muchas gracias.

    November 27, 2011

    Este sábado fuimos un grupo de amigos con niños, 14 en total, y he de decir que ha sido fantástico. Los niños estuvieron absortos, encantados y entusiasmados en todo momento y los padres también. Además de ser un taller divertido y emocionante consigue introducir a los más pequeños en el mundo del arte de una manera muy próxima a ellos. La única nota negativa es que consideramos que el número de personas que hacía el taller era excesivo.

  • roser
    January 14, 2012

    Estic a la cua del museu per comprar l’entrada i sincerament és una presa de pèl. Fa més de 35 minuts que estem fent cua i davant nostra només hi ha unes 20 persones, families i parelles que per tant compren entrades junts. Només hi ha 1 persona venent entrades, innaceptable! Sincerament no ho entent!

  • Redacció del museu
    January 16, 2012

    Benvolguda Roser,
    Lamentem sincerament les cues que puntualment poden formar-se per accedir al museu, que no són causades per manca de personal a taquilles sinó per problemes de circulació: la ubicació del museu en els antics palaus medievals és molt atractiva, però fa que alguns accessos siguin estrets i s’hagi d’aturar momentàniament la venda d’entrades. Per evitar aquest problema, el museu ofereix un sistema de venda anticipada online http://bit.ly/n4Zcyp que permet reservar l’accés al museu en l’horari que es desitgi. Us convidem a usar aquest servei en properes visites, que esperem que us faciliti l’accés. Gràcies per compartir la vostra experiència, que ens hauria agradat que fos totalment satisfactòria.

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