The Reading Club: we close the season looking forward to the next one!

The last session of the Reading Club welcomed two of the most high-profile figures on the Spanish cultural scene today: the artist Pedro G. Romero and the writer and editor Julián Rodríguez. Starting from their reflections on the similarities between two seemingly very different bodies of work — such as the symmetry in the presentation of plot, the fragmented structure and the concept of the archive that runs through both — the two participants stressed the formal and conceptual freedom of their work: Las correspondencias and Ninguna necesidad, respectively. We also talked about how much the context in which a text is received determines whether or not it is regarded as literature.

Julián Rodríguez explained that he focuses his writing by addressing it to an ‘active reader’, while Pedro G. Romero told us that he regards the economy as the main axis in his work and how this is reflected in his texts.

The whole discussion took place in an atmosphere of reflection on the avant-garde similar to what Picasso must have experienced in Paris in the ’20s and ’30s.

We took the opportunity to present the programme for next season, which will feature exceptional guests such as Enrique Vila-Matas and Mathias Enard. For the first session of the new season, scheduled for Thursday, 6 October, our book suggestion is Fernande Olivier’s memoir Loving Picasso. This session will be within the framework of the exhibition “Feasting on Paris, and we will be accompanied by Isabel Cendoya, Coordinator of the show. Have a wonderful summer!

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