Opening of the new Centre Picasso in Gósol

The 4th of June saw the opening of the new Centre Picasso in Gósol (Berguedà), in its new home on the top floor of the village school, on the Plaça Major. The complete refurbishment and remodelling has equipped the Centre with the facilities to present its collection of ethnographic exhibits from the time that Picasso stayed in the little town in the summer of 1906, along with graphic material and reproductions to the considerable number of works that the artist made there.

Enric Castelló, the town’s Councillor for Culture for many years, described the evolution of the Centre from its inception as the Sala Picasso in the early 90s, and the great celebration that marked the centenary of Picasso’s stay in Gósol in 2006. Jèssica Jacques outlined the scientific and museological programme the Centre has set itself, which will now focus on the harmonious presentation of the reproductions of Picasso’s work of art live in relation to the town and the landscape that inspired him, along with original photographs and objects from the period.

The Centre Picasso was formally opened by the President of the Diputació de Lleida, the President of the Regional Council and the Mayor of Gósol. The Museu Picasso is helping to get the new Centre up and running, both at the scientific level and in its international relations, and has also donated bibliographic materials and resources for use in workshops.

Photos: Lluís Bagunyà

Lluís Bagunyà
Contracting and Institutional Affairs

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