Amsterdam dresses as Picasso

The Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam has just inaugurated the first stage of the exhibition “Picasso in Paris, 1900-1907?, jointly organised with the Museu Picasso of Barcelona where it will be presented from 1st July onwards.

Set up and presentation of the exhibition “Picasso in Paris, 1900-1907? in Amsterdam

This is an exhibition that explains how a nineteen year old Pablo Picasso arriving for the first time in Paris within the framework of the Universal Exposition of 1900, would become in very few years the avant-garde leader, after mirroring the artists that resided there and avidly devouring everything that could  be useful to him, from Van Gogh and Gauguin to Steinlen, Rodin or Puvis de Chavannes. The presentation in Amsterdam places most of its emphasis on the work of Picasso, with a large number of masterpieces from the period, among which fourteen works loaned by the Museu Picasso of Barcelona.

Some of the works loaned by the Museu Picasso: The wait (Margot) and Portrait of señora Canals

The inauguration was presented by the director of the Dutch museum, Axel Rüger. The event with a large number of attendees counted on the front line presence of the President of the Van Gogh Foundation, Willem Van Gogh, and other relations of the artist. Also attending was Charo Otegui, President of the State Society of Cultural Action, who provides important support for the project.  Representing our museum were the director, Pepe Serra, and myself, as the person responsible for Institutional Relations.

Presentation of the exhibition by the director of the Van Gogh Museum, Axel Rüger

The exhibition was commissioned by the major expert in Picasso Marilyn McCully, who is at the same time the main author of the book-catalogue, with the editorial coordination of Michael Raeburn, which is published simultaneously in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Catalan, as a joint production of the two museums and the Belgian publishing house Mercatorfonds.

Attendees in inauguration walking around the exhibition rooms

The Embrace, Margot, Portrait of señora Canals, Still life are some of our works now in Amsterdam.  In the exhibition in summer,  in Barcelona our museum will add a greater proportion of works by other artists that will highlight the vital and artistic context with whom Picasso lived in his crucial years, and will include the 13 loaned by the Van Gogh Museum itself.

Lluís Bagunyà
Contracting and Institutional Affairs

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